Into Fashion Nostalgia? We Have The Perfect Holiday Capsule Collection To Show You

Photo: Alexandra Leese

When I was a child I cried in a dressing room, furious that my mother wouldn’t purchase me a white Fiorucci sweatshirt. At a young age, I knew the piece would be a collectible, and I was right. For the next ten plus years, my friends and I would scour the internet looking for vintage Fiorucci. Thank the fashion Gods the brand is back, and in the best way.

For the holiday season (and yes, it is the holiday season already) the brand has created a special collection of festive holiday goods launching Saturday, November 18. In celebration of the collection, Fiorucci exclusively released a series of campaign images, shot by Alexandra Leese, featuring LA-based musician Cailin Russo and London’s rapper Aaron Unknown.

Fiorucci - Embed - 1
Alexandra Leese
Fiorucci - Embed - 2
Alexandra Leese
Fiorucci - Embed - 3
Alexandra Leese
Fiorucci - Embed - 4
Alexandra Leese

“We had to approach everything with the love and energy that Elio Fiorucci had for the brand,” co-owner of the brand, Stephen Schaffer tells “Fiorucci is steeped in history, so keeping its pioneering spirit alive is an absolute must.”

So, mom, in case it’s not crystal clear: Feel free to make it up to me and peruse these images, head to, and purchase me a piece of festive Fiorucci nostalgia. I’ll go halvies with you.

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