Our clothes are more than fabric on our bodies. What we wear becomes part of our lives in an emotional way. We all have a moment in time that’s marked by what we were wearing: our first job interview, first kiss, first bad haircut … Welcome to “What I Wore When,” a series that asks our favorite women what they were wearing during a memorable moment in her life. Today's account: pop/rock sister duo Aly and AJ, who you may remember from their Disney days, but as of this week, are rocking out at high fashion events during New York Fashion Week.

By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Feb 08, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Aly & AJ
Credit: Kelly Taub/BFA.com

“At the end of the night we all kind of just looked at each other and were like, ‘that was a dream,” Aly Michalka told me from her hotel room the morning after performing at Ferragamo's Amo Ferragamo fragrance event. Her and her sister/co-rock star AJ (you make remember them from their Disney days) are back with a vengeance. This given morning, the duo are in their pajamas, and for good reason. They were up late the previous night performing at their first-ever major fashion event and AJ is under the weather.

The women will be going to a few shows (Jonathan Simkhai’s runway show and Paul Andrew’s shoe presentation), but have never really done the #NYFW thing before. “Our dream is to go to Milan. That would be incredible,” AJ says.

The sisters were shocked when Ferragamo reached out to have them perform and realized that their once tween fans, were now grown up, just like them, and had traded their Limited Two tees for, well, Ferragamo heels. It was only fitting that the sisters wear Ferragamo head-to-toe for the marked occasion, a testament to their grown-up-ness.

“We had a couple pieces pulled that we really loved from the Ferragamo Spring collection. The original looks that we were gonna wear to perform we ended up wearing for our appearance on TRL. We chose something slightly dressier for the evening.” Aly says. “I saw the photos [from the party] and it looked great with the white and the blue and the floral colors in the room.”

Aly’s look was a runway piece that walked the show in a bright red – not Aly’s ideal choice (“It wouldn’t match AJ as well,” she says.) Luckily, the Ferragamo team had the two-piece skirt and top look in white, which was perfect. Just add the belt.

AJ’s look, edgier, was a three-piece look from the collection: a baby blue sheer skirt and vest with a snakeskin printed bandeau.

“A huge part of how we decide what to wear is about comfortable,” AJ says. “And the shoes are really important,” she adds. “That Ferragamo shoe that we were both wearing…I could have gone the entire night, and we did.”

The sisters have spent the past year really cultivating a new, grown-up image that’s truly “them,” they explained, which made this Ferragamo performance almost like a milestone.

“I feel like we’ve really developed an aesthetic and look for our sound. What we wear now represents how we sound, which is not easy to do. There’s a little bit of an 80’s aesthetic, some modern edge, a little bit of vintage thrown in. And I feel like Ferragamo was actually able to nail that with these looks,” AJ says.

The sister’s hope to go back on the road, for the first time sans parental guidance, early this summer.

“It’ll be a whole new adventure this time around,” Aly says. “It’ll be even more enjoyable because we can play some favorites that we can re-work in a new way without upsetting the audience. It’ll be fun to mix those into this new iteration of music. I truly am the proudest I’ve ever been to be on stage with these songs.” And those shoes.