Here's How Your Morning Latte Can Fight World Hunger

Photo: Courtesy of FEED

Imagine two cups of coffee: Both are dark and piping hot with a rich aromatic smell. But one was also roasted with organic, ethically sourced beans and buying it provides food to someone in need. Which one do you want to spend money on?

The no-brainer answer to that question is the business plan FEED founder Lauren Bush Lauren is banking on with the opening of her charitable brand’s very first brick-and-mortar outpost this Wednesday. Located on a cobblestone street in Brooklyn’s historic DUMBO neighborhood, the spot is turning the company’s mission to fight worldwide hunger into a full-spectrum experience by making the space both a store and cafe (complete with a special FEED brew made in partnership with La Colombe) that gives hunger relief organizations around the world a portion of each purchase—be it a canvas tote or almond milk latte.

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Courtesy of FEED

“Allowing people a daily way to help others is part of our mission,” explains Bush Lauren. “The neat thing is you can buy anything from a bag to a coffee to a muffin and your receipt will show the amount of meals you are giving through that purchase.”

Courtesy of FEED

Also worth the IRL visit? An exclusive Brooklyn-themed tote that benefits local food banks, and an international curation of crafts sprinkled throughout the shop called “FEED finds," including American-made hand-poured candles and upcycled paper bowls from Swaziland. All of these items have been selected for the positive impact—be it by empowering women or supporting artisan workers—they have on communities. Additionally, Bush Lauren already has several after-hours events in the works, including a flower-arranging class with local florists and regular volunteer outings.

Courtesy of FEED
Courtesy of FEED

“Because FEED is so mission-oriented, I knew this had to be more than just a store. Of course the food and products are great, but I think the giveback is what people will come for.”

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