The New Fashion Glossary

From TikTok trends to sustainable materials, here are the terms you need to know.

The New Fashion Glossary

If there is one thing we learned in 2020, it’s that the world can change in an instant and fashion is no different. But with an ever-evolving industry comes new ideas, trends, and styles, most of which require a little bit of research to fully understand.

So, in the spirit of less complicated, more inclusive views on fashion, we put together a new glossary that seeks to define everything from sustainability to weird trends everyone on TikTok is wearing.

Babydoll Shoes

Mary-Jane shoes styled with long or ankle-length socks, creating a look that is similar to what an American Girl doll would wear.


Blanket Dress

Long, loose dresses that are essentially large enough to act as a blanket.


Capsule Wardrobe

An edited-down version of your wardrobe, which includes the essential, versatile, and oftentimes classic pieces that work for everyday wear. The purpose is to mix and match these items instead of frequently buying new clothes.

Carrot-Leg Jeans

An ‘80s-inspired jeans style, which are loose up top but tighter toward the bottom. Some versions also include pleats.

carrot jeans

Circular Fashion

Clothing, shoes, and textiles that are produced with the entire life cycle in mind. Meaning it takes into consideration all aspects of the impact the item has on people and the planet.


Regenerated nylon made from ocean and landfill waste. It’s been used most recently by brands like Prada and Gucci.

Green Washing

Providing information that makes a company or a brand seem like they are doing more to promote or produce environmentally friendly products.

Pilgrim Collar

A very oversized, oftentimes white collar. It may include ruffles or be made of lace.

Plus-3 Rule

A street-style trick that involves adding three statement-making extras — accessories, layers, or shoes — to an otherwise simple outfit.

plus three

Seasonless Fashion

Clothing that does not adhere to seasonal trends, and does not follow the traditional fashion week calendar.


A knit or button-up vest that is styled like a shirt with nothing underneath.



A vague term used to describe clothing that is made with the intention of little to no harm to the planet. There are no regulations around the term, and therefore it's often associated with green-washing.


The small, bow-like tie on the straps of dresses and shirts.

Wallpaper Dress

A dress that includes a floral or geometric wallpaper-like pattern.

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