This Two-in-One Puffer Is the Only Coat You Need This Winter

Aside from being versatile, it also goes up to size 24.

Everybody & Everyone Puffer
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The best pieces in our wardrobe are ones that can be worn multiple ways — tops that are great for layering, work pants that are comfy enough for the weekend, etc. So naturally, Everybody & Everyone is right up our alley. Not only has the brand created versatile items that work for everyday wear, such as V-neck sweaters and sleek black blazers, many of the pieces are convertible, too (in a totally discreet and non-cheesy way).

The main goal here is sustainability. Not only do turtlenecks with removable necks (!!!) or adjustable-length bottoms mean customers are getting more for their money, it also means less waste. On top of that, Everybody & Everyone uses recycled fabrics when it can, and many of the products are odor-resistant and stain-proof so that they won't have to be washed as often — making them longer lasting, and thus even more eco-friendly.

Everybody & Everyone

One thing in particular we'd like to grab for ourselves is the All Things Puffer ($288), which can be worn either long or short with the help of a single zip. It's legitimately two coats in one: a long, full-body puffer for those absurdly cold days, and then a waist-length jacket for a slightly less aggressive chill. Customers can choose from either black or white colorways, and also shop sizes 0/00 to 22/24 — something that is true about most of the clothing Everybody & Everyone sells.

Everybody & Everyone Puffer

Still, there's even more of a reason to invest in this baby: it was made in partnership with EcoAlf, so its materials consist of plastic bottles, recycled polyester, and yarns made of textile waste.

A winter coat that's cute, versatile, and eco-friendly? This might be our best winter purchase...ever.

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