They’re practically guaranteed to sell out.

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Everlane Just Launched Leggings With a 33,000-Person Waitlist
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While every new release from Everlane feels like a “where were you when” event, today’s drop might be the brand’s most anticipated product launch yet. Take a look at your surroundings, because your current scene will forever go down in history as the place you stood when Everlane launched leggings.

The Perform Legging, as the style is aptly called, is truly a dream. Made using technical fabric that’s derived from recycled materials and spun at an Italian mill, the leggings were designed for both athletic and everyday wear. Their bounce-back stretch was engineered to maintain its bum-flattering shape over time and withstand all sorts of activities — whether they take place in the weight room, over the weekend, or at work.

The lightweight yet thick material is addictively comfy and strong enough to hold you in from the waist to the thighs. Plus, one of our editors can confirm, they’re opaque enough to pass the bend test. The leggings are priced at just $58, or a cool 40 bucks less than what we’re used to paying for sustainable leggings.

In four extremely Everlane-y colors (muted, vintage washes) with extremely Everlane-y names (terracotta, lichene, et al.), the tight collection hints at an entirely new category for the brand, one that we’re very, very excited about. Athleisure is a natural fit for the timeless basics label, and we can only hope this means bike shorts and supportive sports bras in its future.

Everlane announced the impending launch of its Perform Legging a week ago, and the waitlist has already grown to 33,000 people. The brand has a history of selling out of new styles, not least its ultra-waitlisted ones. Shop the leggings that make all other leggings pale in comparison for $58 at

Everlane Legging Majestic Blue
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