There are some great deals...if you can handle the stress.

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Good news: Everlane is having a massive, Choose What You Pay blowout sale right now. Bad news: The whole ‘choose what you pay’ thing will make you triple-guess whether you should even take advantage of those savings in the first place.

For the uninitiated, Everlane’s Choose What You Pay event is a sale by another name, but you can elect to pay anywhere between a product’s full price and the lowest listed sale price. Any cash spent above the lowest value is touted as a ‘contribution’ towards things like sustainable production, supporting research and development on future products, and office overhead.

A valid enough premise, but let us walk you through the actual experience this model might inspire:

Oh, whoa. Everlane is having a sale?? Ugh, I was just thinking I need new summer shoes, and it looks like those wrap sandals I’ve been courting are marked down from $98 to $54 — that’s a pretty wild deal. Lemme click in to see if they have my size.

Here, the shopper notices three different prices. One covers the basic cost of developing and fulfilling the product, the next covers that plus $10 towards office overhead, and the final includes all of the above, plus $10 extra towards office overhead and future product development.

Naturally I want to pay the least ‘cause there are things I need to save for. But I feel like if I don’t shell out a little more, Everlane might not be able to afford its basic administrative costs — what if they shut the lights off, then how will anyone be able to fulfill my next order?

At this point, you're probably wondering why the company is apparently insolvent, or what kind of evil mastermind wants to push these decisions onto its own consumers.

The future of this beloved brand is hanging by a thread, and I alone have the power to save it.

Somewhere between charity canvassing and a hostage situation, Everlane’s Choose What You Pay is the most fashionably guilty you’ll feel all day. Once you make it past the cart stage, though, and all of your gorgeous (affordable) pieces are on their way to you, you’ll be glad you navigated the emotional minefield.

Today marks day one of CWYP’s Summer Event, which means there’s a ton of breezy, open-toed and sleeveless items available in plenty of sizes, but that won’t last long. Everlane markdowns (even marginally judgy ones) are rare, so shoppers are quick to buy out entire styles.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong price point to land on. You do you, and if you feel inclined to click buy on the deepest sale price? Live it up. Even your slashed-price purchase is doing plenty to keep the Everlane machine running.

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