Her outfit is so good I can’t stop thinking about it.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Jan 14, 2020 @ 2:45 pm
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Credit: The Mega Agency

In New York City, people love to stand on line while complaining about standing on line (yes, on line). That is unless they’re standing on the strawberry-shortcake steps of the Glossier showroom. The beauty brand’s flagship store is like the gates of Heaven — except with more rose-colored anthuriums — everyone’s just happy to be there and God is wearing a light-pink boilersuit.

The uniform of Glossier store employees is the most coveted look amongst every girl in New York. It’s as if Rosie the Riveter took a bath using Cloud Paint in Puff. The boilersuit trend isn’t unique to the beauty brand, though. It was seen on the Fall/Winter runways of Dior, Ferragamo, and Isabel Marant. Margot Robbie and Kaia Gerber have worn the look. Irina Shayk made her first appearance post-Bradley Cooper split while wearing a military-style one from Burberry. The workwear aesthetic, though, is the antithesis of most fashion trends beloved by celebrities. It’s all about utility instead of over-the-top opulence. But in a time where powerful women are opting for pantsuits instead of cocktail dresses, the trend feels right.

Even if it’s everywhere, Eva Longoria seems to know the onset of the boilersuit fad no doubt was caused in some small part by Glossier employees. Longoria just stepped out wearing a boilersuit that will make you want to ask her what shade of Boy Brow you should buy. If she walked down Lafayette street in New York, where Glossier is located, she’d absolutely be mobbed by dewy faced girls dipped in highlighter, asking where they could buy their own.

Longoria’s jumpsuit is by C/Meo Collective, although her exact light pink jumpsuit appears to be sold out almost everywhere. When Wildfang made a similarly perfect coverall Glossier dupe last year, it also sold out immediately. Of course, Nordstrom has some great boilersuit options in every color imaginable in case you’re trying to phase out the millennial pink in your closet. But if you’re into the coveted bubblegum pink color, Asos has you covered for under $100. Just prepare to have people ask you when the Milky Jelly Cleanser will be restocked.

Shop the best boilersuits that every New York City girl would be jealous of, below.

Treasure & Bond Zip Front Jumpsuit

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Topshop Corduroy Zip Boilersuit

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AG Controlla Cotton Boilersuit

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Reformation Izzy Organic Cotton Boilersuit

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Five Rock Poplin Short Sleeve Unlined Coveralls

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Asos Design Denim Tie Dye Jumpsuit in Pink

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BLANKNYC Twill Boilersuit

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Jumpsuit with D-ring Detail in Washed Pink

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Shop now: $23 (originally $76); asos.com