Even Kirsten Dunst is on board.

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Credit: Entireworld

In the world of editorial hyperbole, it’s not uncommon for a clothing brand to be said to have amassed a cult following, although few are actually compared to being a cult itself. Then there’s Entireworld — the ethical fashion brand created by Scott Sternberg, the designer behind Band of Outsiders — which has managed to do both.

The brand launched in the spring of 2018 and was announced with a rather unorthodox video that primarily features Sternberg sitting in his own living room and pondering how clothing brands fit into society. He speaks of utopia and the interconnectivity of the world as clips of animals and 1960s commercials play in the foreground; it’s admittedly a bit cult-ish, but equally uplifting, making the brand seem all the more alluring.

Since then, Entireworld has continued to puzzle and intrigue. Just this past May, the brand released campaign videos featuring none other than Kirsten Dunst. Despite the fact that the actress has laid low from the public eye in recent years, she can be seen see-sawing, gardening, and lounging poolside in Entireworld apparel alongside a green fuzzy creature dubbed Muboo (yes, really).

Entireworld’s website is just as whimsical. The homepage displays multiple videos of people partaking in activities like dancing, reading, and playing board games, all while sporting the brand’s signature basics. Once you navigate to the actual clothes — which include an array of classic crew neck t-shirts, knit sweaters, cotton underwear, crop flare corduroy pants, matching sweatsuits, and more — you’ll be delighted to find that most items have punny names that all but guarantee a giggle.

Take, for instance, this ribbed mock turtleneck aptly named the Turts and Caicos Sweater, or a shirt dress called A Damsel in Dis Dress. Oh, and the prompt to subscribe to the brand’s updates and promotions promises “eternal salvation” for handing over your email address, so you can interpret that however you’d like. The entire site is filled with pleasant details like these, and — speaking from experience — the pieces are just as amusing in person.

Curious what the buzz around such basic basics could be, I tried a few items out for myself, and it’s safe to say I’m as obsessed with Entireworld’s clothes as I am with it’s playful copywriting. Soft, comfortable, and available in a variety of colors that manage to feel nostalgic and modern at the same time, the sustainable pieces are just the basics you need to round out any capsule wardrobe.

Shop a few of our favorite pieces below, or head to Entireworld for a nice break from reality (and a bit of shopping).

Organic Cotton Tiny T

Entireworld Organic Cotton Tiny T
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Shop now: $32; entireworld.com

File this Brief under Bikini

Entireworld File This Brief Under Bikini
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Shop now: $15; entireworld.com

Turts and Caicos Sweater

Entireworld Turts and Caicos Sweater
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $95; entireworld.com

Eat, Pray, Cords

Entireworld Eat, Pray, Cords
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $98; entireworld.com

Patchwork Adams Sweater

Patchwork Adams Sweater
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Shop now: $195; entireworld.com

Cozy Brushed Sweatshirt

Entireworld Cozy Brushed Sweatshirt
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Shop now: $88; entireworld.com