By Taylor Davies
Updated Jul 27, 2016 @ 7:00 pm
French Jewelry Subscription Box - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy of Emma & Chloe

Because we'll never, ever not want to dress more like a French girl, we're heartily toasting (flutes of Champange, Sauvignon Blanc, and Burgundy, of course) the long-awaited stateside arrival of Gallic jewelry subscription service Emma & Chloé. The brand's Parisian headquarters allows it scout up-and-coming local jewelry designers—including options from Camille Enrico, La Demoiselles du Marais, and Calepinage—and curate a selection of pieces you won't find together anywhere else in the US; you'd have to stumble into some impossibly chic, eclectic boutique on a Marais side street to even come close.

French Jewelry Subscription Box - Embed
Credit: Courtesy of Emma & Chloe

Here's how it works: For $35 a month, you can sign up to receive a piece of jewelry, usually valued between $50 and $200, sourced from the land of baguettes and brie in your mailbox. Not ready to fully commit? You can also shop the site's marketplace for individual pieces without signing on for the monthly box. Does anyone know the French translation for "add to cart?"

Visit Emma & Chloé to shop online and subscribe now—InStyle readers can get 50 percent off of their first box when they use the code 'INSTYLE' at checkout!