Emily Ratajkowski Keeps Wearing This Middle School-Approved Trend

She's convinced me that it's time to bring it back.

Emrata cargo pants street style
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In middle school, my fashion sense was questionable at best. Lizzie McGuire essentially owned my dream early-'00s wardrobe, and if something included sequins, sparkles, or the word "cutie," I definitely wanted to wear it. However, I did have staples that balanced out my layered T-shirts from Limited Too, and among my collection of velour bottoms and low-rise jeans, there were pairs of cargo pant and classic khakis.

Now, Emily Ratajkowski is once again convincing me to embrace my past (she's already sold me on tube tops and the Miss Congeniality look). For a few years now, she's been stepping out in baggy, olive-green pants, similar to the cargos I loved way back when. Of course, she's put her own spin on them, making them seem so much cooler than I remember. Recently, Ratajkowski wore the pants with a delicate cap-sleeved top, and, another time, paired them with a sheer, printed button-down, leaving the bottom unfastened. She's reminded me that these pants are great for laid-back, casual days, but at the same time, can also be dressed up. I'd even go as far to say that they're surprisingly sexy.

Lately, Ratajkowski's go-to pair has been an affordable one: Crop Work Pants from Dickies, which will only set me back $69. They definitely suit my current throw-on-and-go style, and I'm already imagining them styled with a chunky striped sweater this fall. Sure, I never thought I'd be dressing like my middle school self all these years later, but with the comeback of polos and long socks, it now seems inevitable.

Allow yourself to fall back in love with olive-green cargo pants by seeing a few ways Ratajkowski has worn them, ahead.

With a Sheer Shirt

Emrata cargo pants street style
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Ratajkowski pulled the celeb-loved sexy cardigan trick, making her shirt a bit more of a statement by leaving the bottom unbuttoned. Still, it would look just as cute if styled in a classic way, and I can also envision her swapping out her sneakers for heels.

With a Simple Crop Top

Emrata cargo pants street style
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Due to their neutral color, these pants are definitely a closet staple, and they'd look great with all types of basics. However, should you want to try something slightly unexpected, I'd pair them with an olive green top, creating a sleek, monochromatic look.

With a Bandeau Top

Emrata cargo pants street style

Ratajkowski has her own swimwear line, Inamorata, so it's not surprising that she'd style her go-to pants with a bikini-like top. While this combo is great for summer, there are also a ton of ways to style a bralette, and I can definitely see something similar — perhaps with a blazer or a layer underneath — working for the cooler months, too.

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