I Need Ella Emhoff to Be My Best Friend

Vice President Kamala Harris's step-daughter is my style icon.

Ella Emhoff, Wanna Be Bffs?
Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

I've never really been into following the personal lives of the children of politicians. The Bush daughters? Nah. Malia and Sasha? They're still so young! I'll let them live. The Trump kids? Never been one for Large Adult Sons, thanks.

But oh my god, I'm officially obsessed with Ella Emhoff, step-daughter of Madam Vice President Kamala Harris. (A moment to take in the gravity of that madam, please.)

The second daughter caught my eye when she stepped out on the balcony of the Capitol building during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, her lace frill collar whipping in the wind. Among the throng of monochromatic ensembles, from Michelle Obama's plum Sergio Hudson masterpiece to Kamala Harris's violet Christopher John Rogers coat, to the Biden granddaughters' head-to-toe camel, pink, and navy looks, Ella appeared like an extra in a Wes Anderson film in a plaid brown coat with deep orange beading dripping down the shoulders.

Something like, "wait, hell yes," crossed my mind, and inspired the Twitter search: "plaid coat inauguration." I discovered that the wearer, Ms. Emhoff, is not only the co-winner of the inauguration's best-dressed list (Michelle is obviously the other half) but an artisté. To be honest, though, the Miu Miu look, complete with a patent black headband, told me she was an art student before Google confirmed it.

Her Instagram is a safe space for millennials like myself who love Tweety bird and learning to crochet. She wears her thick glasses unapologetically, and her unruly curls like a badge of honor. Bucket hats are in no short supply. (Did I mention I'm actually in the middle of knitting the same one?) A tube sock hangs on her wall as art. The energy screams "L.A. art girl seeks the meaning of life" in the shrill voice of Grimes, which is extremely my vibe. Not to mention we both have divorced dads named Doug?? I rest my case.

And all of this energy is adjacent to the White House, a place where just yesterday femininity was stuffed, arms flailing wide, into the constraints of a 1950s definition of womanhood that often looked like 5-inch stilettos in the middle of a rainstorm.

Anyway, Ella, I'm always looking for more friends to join my knitting club. My DMs are open.

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