20 Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make Using a Robe

It couldn't be easier (or comfier).

Hermione and Harry Potter dressed in their school robes
Photo: Warner Bros

Maybe you had planned to dress up for Halloween but ran out of prep time. Or perhaps you were set on staying in this year but eventually changed your mind. Whatever the reason, you're now in need of a quick, last-minute costume — something you can make out of stuff you already own. Lucky for you, our favorite solution is super easy and revolves around something that's likely hanging in your bathroom: a trusty, cozy, comfy robe.

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Yep, you should wear a robe this Halloween. Once we started thinking about it, we realized there are so many costumes that can come from this loungewear staple. Do you like Harry Potter? Now you're a Hogwarts student! Want something pop culture-related? Hello, Cardi B!

These ideas will require some creativity and imagination, but at the very least, people will get the idea and you won't be showing up wearing your normal, everyday clothing. You'll also be comfortable.

So, what other costumes can be made using a regular old bathrobe? Ahead, we've got 20 suggestions to help get you started.

1. Cardi B

Cardi B performing in a white bathrobe
Erika Goldring/Getty Images

When Cardi B isn't making headlines for her standout fashion week outfits, she's been known to walk through airports and even perform in a white bathrobe. Memorize a few of her catchphrases before you head out and, if you have a few minutes, add some long (in this case, press-on) nails and a bedazzled mic for the full effect.

2. Victoria's Secret Model

Victoria's Secret model in a pink and white striped satin robe
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It doesn't matter what's happening in real life — anyone can be a Victoria's Secret model with the help of a tiny satin robe and undergarments of their choice underneath. Wings aren't necessary but are definitely encouraged.

3. A Tooth Fairy

The Rock as the toothfairy
Twentieth Century Fox

The tooth fairy comes around at night, so why wouldn't they wear pajamas and a robe? Don't forget your bag of "teeth" and a bit of Monopoly money, too.

4. Prince George

Prince George in a bathrobe meeting Obama
The White House/Getty Images

This is arguably one of the royal's most iconic outfits as he met the Obamas while wearing it. Even though he's not wearing a crown, it will help tip people off to who you are. At the very least, carry around a piece of paper with one of Gary Janetti's hilarious Instagram captions.

5. Cruella de Vil

Cruella De Vil

What's better than dressing as a Disney Princess? Dressing as a Disney villain. A white robe can take the place of this evil character's fur coat, and once you layer it over a black dress and add red heels, you'll be close to done. The last step is covering half of your head in baby powder or dry shampoo for Cruella's iconic 'do.

6. A Ghost

Universal Pictures

You could wear a sheet ... but you could also wear a white robe with some extra-light face makeup and dark eyeshadow and call it a day.

7. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in bathrobes and slippers in New York Minute
Getty Images

Or, rather, Roxy and Jane Ryan from New York Minute. All you need is a friend to join in and possibly a blonde wig.

8. A Scientist

Doc Brown in Back to the Future
Universal Studios

Simply add a nametag (can be a piece of tape with a quirky moniker), goggles or glasses, and mess up your hair and you're done. Bonus points if you offer to mix some potions for people — AKA cocktails.

9. A Cloud

An animated cloud

This is one for when you're in a true jam. A white robe becomes a cloud if you add enough cotton balls to your look. If you have a few more minutes, use masking tape to create a lightning bolt or some raindrops.

10. The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein

The wonders of a white robe and a few strands of toilet paper wrapped around your sleeves! The key component will really be the beauty, so just make sure to add some stitches on top of your makeup and give your hair a bit of electrifying volume.

11. Someone from Ancient Greece

Angelina Jolie wearing a Greek robe in a scene from Alexander
Warner Bros

Or a Greek goddess. Whatever color your robe is, replace the belt with one that's gold or includes some tassels and accessorize with a crown (can be a crown-braid) and a cuff bracelet. Want something sexier? Turn one sleeve inside-out and tuck it inside the robe before you wrap it around yourself.

12. Princess Leia

Princess Leia and cp3o
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

A white robe and double buns. That's it. That's the costume.

13. Sick and Tired

Person in a robe, sick in bed with tissues scattered
Dave & Les Jacobs/Getty Images

This one's punny — and very simple. Wear a robe and pajamas, and carry around tissues and a thermometer. Now you're sick and tired. Get it?

14. A Hogwarts Student

Harry Potter with Hedwig
Peter Mountain/WireImage

If you own a black robe and some sort of striped scarf, you're pretty much done. Any sort of stick can be your wand with a bit of imagination.

15. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen in a robe with John Legend

Celebrities love robes, but no one loves chilling in a robe — or a straight-up towel — like Chrissy Teigen. Don't want to answer "What are you supposed to be?" the whole night? Print out or draw her Twitter handle and fasten it to your look.

16. Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo in a plush gray robe and Uggs holding a bedazzled cup
Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Pair your robe with hoops, Uggs, shades, and a bedazzled cup (or just a regular Starbucks cup) to become movie star J.Lo. Which is, of course, slightly different than singer J.Lo.

17. A Boxer

A boxer getting in/out of a ring
powerofforever/Getty Images

A robe over your gym clothes mean you're a boxer now. You don't even need gloves; hand wraps — or material that could pass for hand wraps — will do.

18. Sally Albright

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in a scene from When Harry Met Sally
Castle Rock

Need a couple's costume idea? Get inspired by When Harry Met Sally's crying, "Joe's getting married" scene. You'll wear a white robe and carry a box of tissues, while your significant other throws on Harry's black sweater and jeans combo.

19. A Millionaire

Hugh Hefner
Dan Tuffs/Getty Images

Pretend you're so rich you don't need to wear actual clothing. On top of throwing on your robe and slippers, pile on costume jewelry, such as statement rings and pearl necklaces, and walk around with a cocktail (martini glass preferred) in your hand all night to show you're living a life of luxury.

20. An Angel

An angel
kzenon/Getty Images

Style your white robe (or black robe — you can be a dark angel) with a padded headband or rolled up tin foil for your halo and go crazy with the highlighter. You could add wings if you want, but oversize sleeves can always take the place of wings. Or, maybe you're still working on getting 'em!

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