These Faux Fur-Lined Boots Are Legitimately the Best Purchase I've Made This Year

They’re super cozy and go with everything.

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These Faux Fur Lined Doc Martens Are Legitimately the Best Purchase I’ve Made This Year
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Purchasing shoes during a time when we're not going outside that often doesn't sound wise right off the bat. Why get new shoes if you'll only wear them for a short period, or if no one will really see them? However, quarantine has taught me the importance of the grab-and-go shoe — the shoes you can just slip on and quickly leave the house to run an errand, take a much needed walk around the block, or go downstairs to check your mail.

These shoes have three simple (but often hard to fulfill) requirements: They need to be comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and appropriate for the current weather. Over the summer, Birkenstock's lightweight Eva sandals were my go-tos, but I definitely needed something warmer for winter.

Dr. Martens Leonore Faux Fur-Lined Boots are cozy, weatherproof, and look great with my official winter pandemic uniform (AKA, fleece-lined leggings and a parka). Other than being a practical winter boot, they're also always in style — just this past February, Dr. Martens were featured in a dozen New York Fashion Week shows. A similar version of the Leonore boots (sans the fuzzy lining) were going viral on Instagram a few months ago, too.

Dr. Martens Women's Leonore Burnished Wyoming Leather Fashion Boot

Available at Amazon, Shopbop, Drmartens

While Dr. Martens may seem clunky, these boots aren't. They're a bit heavier than other boots I own, but in a sturdy, I-can-trek-these-through-the-mud-with-no-issues kind of way. In fact, they're actually super sleek — they have a tall and slender fit so they sit nicely on your foot and around your ankles with no gaps. I love that the ivory faux fur lining peeks out a bit at the top of the boot. Plus, the lining is thin, so your toes will stay toasty without overheating. The boots are made out of leather and have super grippy soles, so they'll survive practically any kind of weather. One Amazon review said they made it through a blustery European winter of snow, ice, and rain.

Their $150 price may seem a little daunting depending on your budget, but the Leonore Leather Boots are worth the investment — they're definitely built to last. Plus, they're so comfy that I'm using any excuse I can to wear them (even if I've already checked my mailbox twice).

Ultimately, I'm deeming these boots the best purchase I've made this year, and I have a feeling you might, too.

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