With over 2,000 suits sold in under a month, now copycats want a piece of the action.
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Credit: Amazon

When the Amazon Swimsuit first came on our radar, we knew it was just getting started. In less than a month since we reported on the viral phenomenon, InStyle readers alone have purchased over 2,000 of the “universally flattering” swimsuits, the listing has received 200 additional glowing reviews on top of the 1,000 it already had, and, to keep up with demand, the suit’s price has climbed two dollars up to $27.

For Dixperfect, the brand behind the suit, business has been good. But, as with any independent brand facing upwards mobility and a sudden surge of interest, imitators wanting a slice of that success are bound to crop up.

Such is the case for Dixperfect who, in just a few weeks, has reported six brands to Amazon for selling counterfeit products under their brand name

A glaring new addition to the swimsuit’s product details now reads, “PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THESE SELLERS: VeliisDirect, Ccode, COCOTG, XINNIO, Kemporium… who have been verified as selling COUNTERFEITED ‘Dixperfect’ brand products in Amazon marketplace. The swimsuits they provide is poor quality [if] you [ever] get your package. Our new stock will be launched soon. Thanks for your concern.”

As a result of Dixperfect’s representatives’ campaign against the fraudulent sellers, Amazon has put up restrictions around the brand name, permanently barring outside vendors from using the Dixperfect name on their goods. “There were so many unauthorized sellers selling fake products under our listing in [the] last week,” a representative for the brand told InStyle. “Amazon had gated our brand so nobody can sell fake products now.”

Despite the two dollar price increase implemented to accommodate the increased interest, the Amazon Swimsuit is still one of the most affordable, figure-flattering suits on the market this season. Accept no substitutes and shop the Amazon Swimsuit for just $27 on amazon.com.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $27; amazon.com