By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Feb 21, 2017 @ 10:30 am
Kate Moss Button Up - Lead - 2017
Credit: Pierre Suu/Getty

If you're going to adopt a new trend, adopt it based off of something worn by the great Kate Moss.

We pay close attention to what the supermodel wears, anxiously awaiting the next it-item she co-opts, which we will undoubtedly add to our shopping list. Tattered jean shorts with fringe boots? Chic. Leopard print coat? Chicest. The perfect leather moto? All inspo from Kate the Great.

Kate Moss Button Up - Embed - 2017
Credit: Getty

So yesterday, when Moss was seen leaving Scotts restaurant in London in a spectacular color pairing (navy + emerald green), we took notice. Not only of the color combo, but of the (accidental?) way she was wearing her shirt.

You know that scene in Mean Girls when Regina George's wardrobe mishap inspires an entire school to cut their sweaters strategically around their nipples?

Kate Moss Button Up - Embed - 2017
Credit: Getty

In fashion, we see some crazy trends. Sometimes have to scratch our heads and wonder, is the joke on us? Did Moss purposely leave the fourth button on her shirt open to create a makeshift keyhole because she's a genius stylist? Or was this simply a slight malfunction that we are overthinking?

We may never know.