This Designer is Making the Next Big Street Style Tee

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What does it take to be a fashion designer? It takes patience, resilience, and creativity. It also takes guts: a hunger for learning and understanding of constructive criticism. And most of all, a get-back-on-the-horse attitude. Because as anyone who has gone to design school or started a fashion line knows, nine times out of ten, you hear "no."

Meet Samuel Murkofsky, founder and creative director of Manhattanknights, a New York City-based lifestyle brand known for its tongue-in-cheek tees, sweats, and hats.

His greatest asset? Himself. Like many designers du jour, Murkofsky prides himself on embodying his brand to the fullest. Rarely do you see him not wearing one of his designs, and for good reason. Aside from being ridiculously comfortable, the pieces are fun conversation pieces.

"I come from a retail background (I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for a number of years), so I understand what people want to wear and I know what sells well. But literally everything else I had to figure out on my own," the designer tells InStyle. "Every step has been a challenge."

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