By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Jun 04, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

Few things have stood the test of time “cool-factor” wise for almost 200 years the way leather goods brand Delvaux has. The Belgium-based brand was created in Brussels by Charles Delvaux in 1829, and two centuries later, is still considered to be a brand of the highest quality. Think: couture, but for handbags.

Not much has changed about the Delvaux brand since 1829–and for good reason. Their classic styles and dedication to craftsmanship have awarded them a steady client base and celebrity following as they created over 3,000 handbag designs over the years.


Today, Delvaux debuts a new style, the “D to D,” which embodies the codes of the brand (quality, timeless elegance, sophistication), but also utilized today’s modern technology to introduce innovative techniques to make the handbag more usable for today's busy woman.

“Delvaux is best known for its precise and architectural shapes, and we were keen on offering a softer tote in a generous size, at once functional and sophisticated,” Delvaux’s artistic Director Christina Zeller tells “We felt it was entirely legitimate to focus on this very discreet and functional bag in precious canvas also “signed” by an emblematic D handle, sheathed in beautiful soft grained leather.”


The handbag, available today on, is available in two sizes MM ($2,650) and XL ($3,350) and two colors: a yellow striped version and a black version. So why spend a couple grand on this handbag? Well, aside from the investment of owning something made by Delvaux and the bag (in either size) being able to fit literally anything you can imagine: “The exclusive canvas with natural fibers, the waterproof interior coating, the very ingenious handle system, which allows carrying the bag in really two different ways for true versatility…” says Zeller. To name a few. All of these decisions made by Delvaux when designing the handbag speak to their dedication to creating bags women can actually use in their daily life.

In celebration of the handbag’s debut, Delvaux created a short film showcasing the different unconventional (and quite modern) ways to hold the D to D, starring supermodel Anna Cleveland.

“Anna is very modern with a timeless and graceful elegance,” Zeller says. “She is a real character with a strong personality. In this movie, we really wanted to show her absolute natural beauty. Like a Flemish painting.”

The D to D bag by Delvaux is available starting June 4 on and in select Barneys stores nationwide.