Don't worry — we've been taking notes.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Nov 12, 2019 @ 11:15 am
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If we were to go around the room and ask people who their celebrity style icon is, we'd likely hear a lot of the same names: Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, etc. But hold on a minute — what about Dakota Johnson? The actress has quietly built up quite the fashion resume, walking the red carpet in poofy Dior gowns or making our jaws drop in heart-embellished Gucci. Her A+ looks have inspired at least one of our own outfits, and she deserves a bit of credit, too.

Reflecting back on all the fabulous stuff that Johnson has worn (and yes, there's been a lot), we've noticed that she's become a creature of habit. She's loved the same style of sneakers for years. She seems to be a big fan of jumpsuits. Her on-the-go outfits give us the cozy-cute inspiration we crave. With the help of her stylist, Kate Young, Johnson has taught us a variety of fashion lessons over the years. Here are eight worth adopting, ASAP.

When in Doubt, Add a Blazer

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Hoping to make your T-shirt and jeans seem more polished and put together? A structured jacket will do the trick every time.

Don't Forget About Those Jumpsuits

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We often reach for dresses when getting dressed for big events, but sleek, tailored jumpsuits can be just as fancy and fun. Look for ones with interesting details, such as lace or tiny prints.

Classic Combos Are Classics For a Reason

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If you're struggling to find an outfit, don't forget about timeless pairings like a button-down and jeans. They are simple in the best way, and look great on everyone.

Find a Pair of Sneakers That Go With Every Outfit

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Johnson often styles her casual looks with Adidas Sambas, but Converse and slip-on Vans are just as versatile (she's been spotted in those, too).

You Don't Need Color to Make a Statement

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Just like Johnson has shown us, black dresses can be poofy, embellished, short, long, structured, or flowy — the possibilities are endless. Don't even get us started on all the accessories you can pair them with.

Allow Sequins Steal the Spotlight

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Don't over-accessorize that sparkly look. Johnson typically wears sequin pieces with strappy sandals and minimal jewelry.

Invest in a Solid, Oversize Sweater

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We feel comfy and cozy just looking at these knits. A major bonus is that a solid sweater will complement both jeans and trousers (and skirts, for that matter), and can also complete a monochromatic outfit.

There's More Than One Way to Style a Suit

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Sure, you can pair it with a white button-down, but Johnson has been known to add bow-tie, wear a ruffled shirt, and layer satin tanks underneath as well.