Their outfits are weirdly similar.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated May 22, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
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Dakota Johnson is highly skilled at many things, from following in her parents' footsteps as a talented actress, to slyly calling out Ellen DeGeneres in a now-viral video. However, something we're particularly envious of when it comes to the star is her ability to look good all. the. time. Even in quarantine, she's been stepping out in cute, effortless outfits, whether she's wearing a snug pair of Levi's or a cool and cozy blanket dress.

Recently, though, we came across Johnson's fashion secret. She might not even realize it, but the actress has been dressing just like Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.

At first, it was barely noticeable — a sequined gown here, a structured suit there. It could have been a coincidence, or some sort of secret plan by her stylist, Kate Young. However, looking back, it's not just the red carpet where Johnson has channeled the iconic TV character. She does it on days off, too, with sundresses and jeans.

We've found a total of 13 times these two women were fashion twins. Xoxo, Dakota.

When She Wore a Tiered Dress

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Dakota's Gucci dress from her 2016 appearance on The Tonight Show will forever remain on our minds — mostly because it looks like the one that Serena wore at Lily and Bart's wedding.

When She Went With Something Burgundy

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These dresses may be different lengths, but they're the same exact shade and both include eye-catching top details.

When She Stepped Out in a Sequined Gown

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Both ladies enjoy a little sparkle when getting dressed for an important event, whether they're attending a movie premiere or a '70's themed party.

When She Chose Florals For a Summer Day

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Not exactly groundbreaking, we know, but the fact that they each decided to add a pop of color with their purse and wear comfy shoes is a nice coincidence.

When Her Blue Jumpsuit Brought Back Memories

Credit: Getty Images, CW

Technically, Johnson's 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards look included pants, but the navy shade and sweetheart neckline reminded us of Serena's gown from Lily and Rufus's wedding. (So many weddings on that show.)

When She Pulled Off This Timeless Combo

Credit: Getty Images, CW

Jeans and a blazer works every time, whether you pair it with a gray sweatshirt or a white wrap top.

When a Bright Red Mini Was Stood Out in the Crowd

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Who could forget Serena and Blair's fun, photo shoot outfits from season one? Dakota wore something similar at the premiere of her movie Suspiria, but sadly skipped the adorable polka dot hair scarf.

When She Walked the Red Carpet in Green Ruffles

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One look is fancy, one is causal, but they both give off the same playful vibe.

When She Wore a Blanket Dress

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It turns out 2020's easiest summer dress trend was around in the aughts, too.

When Her LBD Was Above-Average

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Need something sleek yet sexy for a movie screening or date night with Dan Humphry? Time to break out that embellished black dress, which both women have in their wardrobe.

When She Suited Up

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Clearly, a structured black set is should be a staple in every fashion girl's wardrobe — whether it's styled with a shirt or not.

When She Opted For a Wide-Leg Pant

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And decided to pair it with a tank. Just a few more accessories, and Johnson will be on Serena's level.

When Her Pants Were Printed

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They've both made a great case for ditching solid slacks and denim in favor of geometric shapes.