Here's Why Dakota Johnson Is Wearing a Bloody Heart Dress at the Met Gala

Her stylist Kate Young tells us all about the inspiration.

Considering that the theme of this year's Met Gala is Camp: Notes on Fashion, we fully expected to see a ton of bold designs. Of course, we were thinking along the lines of feathers, poufy sleeves, and extra-long trains — trends that definitely were present throughout the night. Dakota Johnson and Gucci, however, went the route of an embroidered bloody heart.

Dakota Johnson Met Gala 2019
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

As the actress walked the pink carpet at the event, she definitely caught our eye, mostly because of the iridescent pink creation that included a dripping organ in its center. "She’s like the [image of the] Sacred Heart Madonna," her stylist Kate Young told us over the phone regarding the inspiration. "It feels very Gucci and also feels very her. It’s romantic and slightly dark."

According to Kate, since Gucci is helping to chair the Met Gala this year, they've been planning Dakota's dress for a while. "We’ve been talking about Dakota’s dress for a long time — a couple of months," she revealed, adding that she's a fan of Gucci's "extreme, beautiful, embroidered couture gowns." Kate said that Dakota's shoes were custom as well, and meant to be over-the-top, perfectly completing the look. "They’re really high and quite camp. It is a little bit like a drag queen shoe, and it does give her sort of an unnatural height, which I like."

Dakota Johnson Met Gala 2019
Mike Coppola/MG19/Getty Images

Of course, what many people will be talking about is Dakota's hair accessory, aka her crown. "You know how when you think of those Madonnas with the bleeding hearts, they sort of have a crown on their head?" Kate asked. "That was the inspiration for that. It’s not so literal — it’s not like something from a costume shop. It’s so Gucci, and really pretty and special."

We have to agree.

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