I Thought I Was Done With Wired Bras Until I Tried This One With 1,300+ Five-Star Reviews

I replaced all my bras with six of these.

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Cuup Plunge Bra Review
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I'm a product of the Victoria's Secret generation, which is probably partly to blame for my hatred of bras. I wore several renditions of a Bombshell — that marshmallowy pillow disguised as a bra — and my school P.E. locker room was always choked in spritzes of Love Spell. I accepted extremely uncomfortable bras as standard and knew nothing other than the padded lingerie that majorly enhanced the mediocrity I had up top.

That all drastically changed over a decade later when the pandemic hit — where I simultaneously had a metaphorical bra-burning and found the bra of my dreams. During quarantine, I ditched them all: Pinching underwires, padded push-ups, and straps that dug in were off the table. I wore nothing but stretchy bralettes (if anything) and swore to myself that underwire would never show up in my drawer again.

The Plunge

At least, that was until an image of a person wearing a Cuup plunge bra appeared on my Instagram feed. The light mesh bra looked gorgeous and reignited a tiny flame in me of love for pretty bras. Hesitantly, I placed an order.

They arrived in a sturdy lingerie laundry bag — score, because I previously didn't own one (I know, I'm terrible) — and I quickly rushed to my room to rip off what I was wearing to try them on. For the first time ever, I was wearing a bra with cups that didn't gape up top. It hugged my body, and the straps weren't slipping down my shoulders. Not only that, but the underwire didn't feel like it was trying to slice through my boobs.

The Plunge

The fit was phenomenal, and each time I wear a Cuup bra, I forget it's there (another rarity in my book). I was also extremely pleased with the material. The see-through mesh looks luxe and sexy, not things I normally associate with the words "comfortable bra." It felt passable for a special night, but also equally perfect for day-to-day.

The unlined cups taught me that discomfort comes not only from wires, but also from the padding and extra fluff that bra cups are often made of. This kind of silhouette and fabrication makes your breasts look natural while still flattering them. Cuup prides itself in crafting "unlined essentials," and it excels. Now, my old, uncomfortable unmentionables have been trashed, and six of these bras have taken their place.

I'm not the only one waxing poetic; 1,300+ reviewers can't get enough of Cuup's intimates either. "It's sexy without being over the top and it's one of the only bras I can find in my size that isn't grandma-ish," wrote one reviewer. "It's comfortable for all day and is great for summer because it's so breezy. It gives good cleavage without the girls being by your chin, it's just the best."

Handfuls of shoppers are in the same boat as me, with one writing, "I honestly think it will be my go-to bra forever now."

The Plunge

If you're not sold on something completely translucent, Cuup has five other bra options to choose from, and it's hard not to find a style you adore with its colorful line of seasonal hues and subdued staple shades. I wear one of these plunge bras under loose tops and tight t-shirts, with dresses, and occasionally by itself when I'm at home (it's that comfy, okay?). Most importantly, I'm wearing a bra that, despite still feeling good when taken off, I finally feel no inclination to rip off my body at the end of a long day.

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