For the sake of your closet, please get an actual fabric cutter.

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Home Tie Dye
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When you’re home and bored, there are a few things you can do to add some fun to your routine (that by now probably solely consists of Tiger King binges): You can test out an at-home workout, learn a new TikTok dance, or chop up and dye all of your clothes. I’m not sure what the psychology is, but for some reason cropping clothes and dying them gives me the same amount of endorphins as going on a run and watching compilation videos of puppies playing — and it seems to have the same effect on almost everyone online.

No matter what social media you use, you’re surely seeing friends, colleagues, influencers, and everyone in between DIY-ing tie-dye, bleached, and cropped looks with clothes they’ve found online or hanging in their closet. These clothing trends look simple watching from afar, but if you don’t do them right you’re going to end up with lop-sided sweatshirts and tie-dye fits that are rather cringey.

To DIY these trends, here’s everything you’ll need to get the best results:

Tie-Dying Materials

First things first, find a reputable tie-dye kit that’s within your budget. When it comes to altering clothes, I like to stick to craft stores rather than big-box retailers because the quality I find at places like Michaels is always superior.

One-Step Tie-Dye Kit
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This pack comes with gloves, five different dyes, rubber bands, and reusable bottles for each color — plus a step-by-step guide that will help you get the best results possible. Currently, you can use code 20MAKE33020 at checkout for a discount on select Michaels products.

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Right now, tie-dye sweat suits are on trend (celebrities love them) and you can make your own by grabbing some white sweatpants and matching crewneck.

Crewneck French Terry Raglan Pullover
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Baja Sweatshirt All In Motion
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Hooded Sweatshirt Universal Thread
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Cropping Materials

If you have never tried cropping clothes at home, let me warn you that using normal scissors and only your eyes for measurement is going to get you a one-way ticket to Disappointment Central (a sad town where people only wear slanted cropped clothing and frowns). To avoid this scenario, do yourself (and your closet) a favor and buy a real fabric cutter. It will get you the smooth results you see on cropped clothes in stores.

Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter
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Cricut Self-Healing Mat
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Also a necessity for getting even and professional-looking results: a cutting mat. Line your t-shirt or sweatshirt up on top of the mat to keep from scratching any tables or other surfaces. Getting a long mat can help you cut your clothes in a straight line from front to back.

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Bleach Materials

Another major trend online is black sweats with a bleached and distressed finish. To DIY, carefully pour bleach in a reusable bottle and spray the liquid onto your clothing outside (or at least in a space that is not confined), wait for the clothes to dry, then wash them before modeling your beautiful results.

A spray bottle is a necessity because pouring on too much bleach could ruin your efforts, and spritzing on the liquid gives a more authentic, store-bought finish. If the results aren’t dramatic enough for your taste, simply repeat the process. (This method also works on canvas sneakers!)

16oz Spray Bottle Sudden Sapphire
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Cropped Hoodie Wild Fable Black
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High-Rise Sweatpants Wild Fable
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Lunea-Wo's Vulcanized Canvas Sneakers
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