Cole Sprouse's Outfit Was a Nod to His Suite Life Days, And We Can't Take It

The actor had some jokes about his gray sweatshirt, and said there's one summer trend he "doesn't have the legs" to pull off.

We’re not sure when, exactly, we blinked and Cole Sprouse became a men’s style icon, but guess what, folks? It happened. At this point in 2019, we’ve seen the Riverdale star pull off a variety of daring trends, from Western-inspired shirts to pinstripe suits; to the colorblocked, embroidered Saint Laurent set he wore to this year's Met Gala. So, when the actor attended the launch event for Target’s Vineyard Vines collaboration, dressed down in a gray sweatshirt, jeans, and rugged brown boots? Well, it seemed a bit different from the leather jackets and beanies one might find in Jughead's closet, but, of course, Sprouse managed to pull it off.

“That’s the fun in waking up in the morning — figuring out how you want to interact with the environment based on the style you choose,” he told InStyle at the event, referring to his ever-changing fashion choices. “I think even the old curmudgeons who try to say their sloppy style is this careless sort of thing … From the second you put on any piece of clothing, that sort of dictates how you interact with the world and the world interacts with you. It’s fun to experiment with style and see how you feel in the skin that you’re putting on that morning.”

Cole Sprouse Vineyard Vines
John Lamparski/Getty Images

And although this particular “skin” seems a bit preppy for Sprouse, he assured us that wasn’t the case.

“I mean, I own a gray sweatshirt with a zip,” he joked. “I’ve been on a yacht. I’ve been on a boat. Actually, a cruise ship. For four years straight. When I was [younger].”

Um, a fashion reference to his days appearing on Disney’s Suite Life on Deck?! Iconic — especially for kids who grew up in the aughts.

Of course, Sprouse wasn’t done with the fashion jokes just yet. When asked about his typical summer style, his answer was even more playful.

“Nudist colony,” he said with a smile. “Like, one ivy leaf. You know what? I don’t really wear too many pairs of shorts. I just don’t. Unless I’m on the beach or something. Usually, just, yeah — a boa of ivy…a well-trained parrot.”

Cole Sprouse Vineyard Vines
John Lamparski/Getty Images

One thing we probably won’t see the star wearing is jorts (that is, jean shorts), as he claims he doesn’t “have the legs” for them.

“I feel like to pull off jorts, which is already a hard thing to pull off — and put on — but I think my thighs have got to be way more muscular,” he said. “My dad gave me a pair of jorts once, and with all seriousness, he gave me a pair of jorts and I was like, ‘Oh. Cool!’ And that’s when I found out I didn’t have the legs for them.”

Well, there's always next year!

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