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Credit: Courtesy of Taura-Vivian Deacon

"Comfort is by far the most important aspect of an outfit to me," says Denver-based stylist and art gallery warehouse manager Taura-Vivian Deacon. But that doesn't mean she keeps herself in a bubble. Outside of her professional career, Deacon dabbles in modeling, photography and, oh yeah, motorcycles, redefining cool girl goals.

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Credit: Courtesy of Taura-Vivian Deacon

For Deacon, who's gritty aesthetic is straight out of the late 70's, style is less about what you have on and more about how you feel. Here, the self-described "tomboy" shares how a supportive boss and living in diverse Denver helped her develop a true personal style.

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Credit: Courtesy of Taura-Vivian Deacon

What is the most stylish street in your city?

Denver has recently become a very desirable city that has attracted folks from all over the country, but I think most are unaware of the history of this city and what has shaped its identity. There are a handful of streets that offer an array of historical charm unique to their locations such as South Pearl Street, Colfax and Blake Street. What was once a road used for transporting produce to the city, South Broadway is the strongest and most stylish representation of Denver. Lined with antique stores, dive bars, hip rooftop restaurants. art galleries, a historic movie theater and craft shops, Broadway is a diverse row of Colorado’s local delight. Here you’ll find an array of street styles including lumberjack-inspired indie folks, the vegan, granola eating Free People girl or perhaps a group of refined young men with matching Lacoste polos and fresh Sperry’s.

What’s a perfect Sunday afternoon in your city?

There are so many options for activities throughout all seasons in Denver. During the colder months, Sundays usually start with a cup of coffee and breakfast with my husband while watching the snow fall. Then we might go sledding up in the mountains with friends or bundle up for a walk to our neighborhood lake to enjoy the brisk views. During the summer, we’ll start our Sundays with a beautiful backroad motorcycle ride with friends, usually ending with us all grilling and enjoying some craft beers in the backyard.

What do you love about fashion in Denver?

Denver has attracted so many diverse groups and in return has become a bit of a melting pot of people and styles. One thing I love about Denver fashion is the combination of street and practical styles. Coming from warm cities of Los Angeles and Phoenix, I never had to really think about dressing stylish as well as practical for the cold, unpredictable weather patterns here. There is also a very supportive, local fashion scene in Colorado which is really great. Local manufacturers and products can be found everywhere, which I always feel great about supporting. I am a big advocate of supporting local goods.

When you can’t think of anything to wear, what’s your go-to outfit?

I’ve always identified as a ‘tomboy’, so my go-to outfits almost always consist of a comfy pair of dad jeans, some vans and a comfortable tee. Comfort is by far the most important aspect of an outfit to me, so regardless of how my butt looks, if I feel good that’s really what matters.

The first thing I do in the morning is...

I always wash my face and moisturize. I am currently using Pacifica’s Kale Detox deep cleansing face wash and I was recently gifted Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer which is really amazing! Starting your day off by treating your body and face right is so key! If you feel good, your day should follow suit.

What is the best piece of style advice you ever received and from whom?

I had a really amazing boss when I was a manager at Buffalo Exchange. Her name is Candace Gaskin. She didn’t necessarily give me a specific piece of advice but rather changed my whole outlook on style. She showed me that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to fashion, but tools and guidelines one can follow to achieve a sense of fashion that really represents you. Correct fits and combinations of clothing can be taught, but you can’t teach personal style. It’s a process and journey we all have to discover ourselves.

What are your top three beauty essentials?

A great moisturizer, mascara and a good pair of eyebrows.

Describe your style in three words.

Confident, willful and easy-going.