Are Denim Cutoffs Still Cool? Celebrity Stylists Weigh In on 2019's Coachella Trends

At the very least, Hailey Bieber's stylist seems to think so.

Coachella Style
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Sure, Coachella isn’t for everyone, but for those who are into traipsing around the desert while listening to their favorite artists perform, there comes the dilemma of what to wear. Over the past few years, the three-day event has turned into a bit of a fashion extravaganza, with guests showing up and adhering to a very specific style. But it’s Coachella 2019, and trends aren’t the same as they were five or even two years ago. Are the usual go-tos such as fringe and denim cutoffs still considered cool?

For the answer to that, we turned to celebrity stylists, who have already pondered this exact question when picking out outfits for their clients. We asked them to weigh in on how, exactly, the whole Coachella style scene has changed, what pieces people should be ditching before heading out, and what the overall vibe is at the festival this year.

Here's what the pros who dress everyone from Gigi Hadid to Machine Gun Kelly had to say.

Dani Michelle

Works with Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Kourtney Kardashian

How Coachella Style Has Changed:

“Coachella style four to seven years ago was very effortless and free-spirited. It was a great summer look that felt organic, interesting, and cool, with an underlying bit of rock and roll. There were the perfect jean shorts, really cool jewelry, and shoes that let you dance the day away. People wanted to look good, but it wasn’t for the cameras, it was for their own expression. Once photographers and brands got involved, Coachella first shifted into a very contrived, store-bought bohemian look, then those that rebelled added more color.

2019’s Must-Have Festival Piece:
“The must have piece is the right bag. There are so many cool brands out there for comfortable summer bags! I love Les Petits Joueurs!”

The Extras to Add:
“I love belts again!! I used to love the clean line of jean buckles with nothing to break it, but I’m so into belts right now. DylanLex just introduced belts into her line and I’m obsessed.”

What to Ditch:
“When done right, anything can look good out there. The key is not letting your clothes wear you. Incorporate your personal style — don’t go buy something you wouldn’t wear in real life. I’m ditching the gladiator sandals and switching to Doc Martens. I think it adds a tougher element to the look.”

This Year’s Coachella Style Vibe:
“The overall festival vibe for 2019 is simplicity. Don't over-style. When everyone else is trying to do the most, the simplest outfits look the best. “

What Their Clients Are Wearing:
My clients are wearing some Zana Bayne pieces that I love!

Andrew Gelwicks

Works with Delilah Belle Hamlin.

Delilah Belle Hamlin

How Coachella Style Has Changed:
“Right behind the actual artists and music, the biggest thing people are looking at during Coachella is the fashion. People are really stepping up their game to put together full ensembles every day. Brands are also paying attention to Coachella now and realizing that fashion can play a big role there as well.”

2019’s Must-Have Festival Piece:
“It's all about the portable, handheld fan! You can find so many cute fans on Amazon or Walmart and a lot of them come with a string to wear around your neck. Super cute!”

The Extras to Add:
“My client, Delilah Belle Hamlin, has really gotten me into layering lots of necklaces. I think Coachella is a great time to test that out and put a bunch of gold or silver necklaces of varying lengths together.

What to Ditch:
“A lot of people will still gravitate towards cutoffs and fringe, but I think there's a progression away from that. I'm expecting that this Coachella season, the outfits will be less overtly sexy and have a bit more edge.”

This Year’s Coachella Style Vibe:
“Coachella 2019 is going to see a lot of ‘90s references. This year there will be less ‘70s neon and more relaxed, casual 'fits.”

What Their Clients Are Wearing
“I found this great pair of shorts for one of my clients that has a ‘boy shorts’ fit to them and come in a vintage-inspired Hawaiian print. I want a pair for myself now!”

Morgan Pinney

Works with Machine Gun Kelly and Becky G.

Becky G

How Coachella Style Has Changed:
“I think certain people will always gravitate to the obvious ‘festival style’ looks, but for me, I like to take my own personal style and just take it one step further at Coachella. I incorporate elements of how I usually dress, but will add a crazier or brighter jacket, accessory, etc.”

2019’s Must-Have Festival Piece:
“I always love a good oversize statement jacket. It can elevate a simple look and is perfect for transitioning to nighttime Coachella parties.”

The Extras to Add:
“More is more!! Lots of small hoop earrings going up the ear is always my favorite look. I’ve also been seeing a lot of neon earrings lately that are eyecatching and perfect for Coachella.”

What to Ditch:
“People are always going to associate Coachella with traditional festivalwear. Sometimes, it’s fun to combine those pieces with other things in your closet and make them your own, instead of just putting all of them together and looking like everyone else at Coachella.”

This Year’s Coachella Style Vibe:
“I think everyone should have their own vibe for Coachella, rather than just conforming to what’s being sold in stores or online in the ‘festival’ section. I don’t know that there’s necessarily a ‘vibe.’ It’s fun to dress differently than you would in real life, but there are ways to amp up your own personal style without being too predictable.”

What Their Clients Are Wearing:
“This year my clients will be wearing lots of layers and oversize jackets. Simple looks with lots of accessories are always fun.”

Maeve Reilly

Works with Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Bieber

How Coachella Style Has Changed:
“In the long history of Coachella, 10 years ago, nobody even cared what they wore. But as fashion brands have become more involved through activations, events, and sponsorships, festival style itself has grown a lot and become its own thing. Now it's just as important as the red carpet or street style in LA. I think people really look to Coachella for upcoming trends and ideas on how to showcase their own sense of style.”

2019’s Must-Have Festival Piece:
“Jean shorts.”

The Extras to Add:
“Personally, I am always looking at Jennifer Fisher jewelry! I also have some cool Off-White jewelry. It's the first time Virgil is doing jewelry, so we have that straight from the runway. They’re really cool chunky chains, which is a little edgier than your day-to-day jewelry.”

What to Ditch:
“Ditch all the fringe, all the flower crowns, and all the crochet. It's just not what we’re doing now. What's replacing it is what's cool; what makes you look like yourself. It should look effortless. For Hailey and I, we do stuff that we wouldn't necessarily do in LA, but it's an exaggerated version of her style. Maybe it's a little fancier or funkier, but it's still something that looks like her, as opposed to playing a role that people play or expect you to play.”

This Year’s Coachella Style Vibe:
“Cool girl, tomboy.”

What Their Clients Are Wearing:
“For Hailey, we are using runway pieces mixed with vintage, and it's really cool.”

Mimi Cuttrell

Works with Gigi Hadid, Sara Sampaio, and Priyanka Chopra.

Gigi Hadid

How Coachella Style Has Changed:
“Coachella fashion has become more individualized and less focused on the overall ‘festival’ theme. Most are now packing more modern and on-trend looks over the bohemian-inspired clothing.”

2019’s Must-Have Festival Piece:
“This years must-have festival piece is a statement hat. Not only does it elevate your outfit, but it also protects you from the sun. Lack of Color has several collections that will match any style or vibe.”

The Extras to Add:
“I packed a bunch of layering necklaces and huggies from Jacquie Aiche. I’m excited to pair them with a basic white t-shirt or a bikini by the pool. Hair accessories tend to be needed and are an easy way to accessorize. Deborah Pagani has managed to make hair elastics on the wrist finally look good — and even better when paired with jewelry (instead of it being the eyesore you aim to edit out of your photos). She also has hair pins that come in gold, silver, and matte black that can transform your hair into a cool and effortless updo.”

  • What to Ditch:
  • “You should ditch any brand-new boots that aren't worn in because your feet will be severely regretting in the next day. Find yourself packing well-worn shoes for optimal comfort. You’ll thank me later.”
  • This Year’s Coachella Style Vibe:
  • “Less is more!”
  • What Their Clients Are Wearing:
  • “Definitely keep an eye out for new brands, as well as vintage gems. My favorite go-to vintage store is @treasuresofnyc.”
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