For when you want to actually put on pants.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Mar 31, 2020 @ 10:00 am
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Have you worn pants recently? Because I haven’t.

It’s hard to justify pants when you can just not. Most of us don’t have anywhere to go and are working from home indefinitely. If you show up to a Zoom meeting pantless, no one will know. If you complete all of your work pantless, no one will know. And if you show up to your Friday-night friend-FaceTime happy hour pantless, once again, no one will know.

And while I’ve been wearing more than just underwear, the only pair of pants I’ve worn for the past two weeks are barely pants at all, but red tie-dye sweatpants. They have more in common with my duvet than they do with the vintage jeans I typically wear in my day-to-day life. And when I finally decided to wear an actual pair of jeans just to feel something while FaceTiming my sister over the weekend, she looked at me in pixelated disgust and said, “What are you trying to prove?” What do I have to prove?

These days, not much. But the reality is, wearing clothing other than pajamas and sweats isn’t about proving anything. It’s about feeling something, more specifically, that now-hard-to-pinpoint thing we’ve all taken for granted known as normalcy. Still, it’s hard to feel normal while sitting at your kitchen table with takeout you’ve Cloroxed, on Monday at 4 p.m., having a virtual meeting with your coworkers who you haven’t seen in person in weeks, while wearing tight jeans you would have normally taken off if in the comfort or your own home. But what about wide-leg pants?

Wide-leg pants are by design more comfortable than most pants because, well, they’re wide-leg pants. They have built-in breathing room that vintage jeans and leather pants actively repress. They’re also pants you wouldn’t necessarily fall asleep in and for that reason they’re a step above sweatpants. And I personally think they should be part of your official uniform for your new Zoom-WFH-no-plans persona.

When I wore jeans for the first time in weeks, I felt good for maybe a second and then the discomfort of lounging around in denim set in. I slipped back into sweatpants but looking at myself in the mirror wearing the same sweatpants for the tenth day in a row made me snap. So I rummaged through my new and pristinely organized clothing drawers (thanks, infinite free time!) and put on a pair of wide-leg pants. What do I have to prove? Still, not much. But putting on a pair of pants that reminded me of going out into the real world, while still being comfortable enough to wear while laying on the couch panic spiraling and doing nothing, made me feel good. Plus, if I can’t feel the wind blowing in my hair, I’ll gladly take the wind from my cracked window grazing my ankles.

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