Jessica Alba Explains the Theory Behind Her 90's Supermodel-inspired Denim Line

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There's really nothing quite like a good pair of jeans. You know that pair that fits you so perfectly it's as if they were made just for your body? Here at InStyle, we've learned to never underestimate the power of good jeans. After all, there was an entire movie franchise made on the premise of a pair that are so great, they're practically magical (hello, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

But finding your perfect pair is not always easy--some are too stiff, some are too stretchy, and some just don't fit quite right, no matter how much you will them to. That's exactly the reason Jessica Alba collaborated with denim brand DL1961 on her very own line of jeans. Over the weekend, Alba and her closest friends, including Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Zoe (above), celebrated the line at Revolve Social Club in West Hollywood, and we stopped by to chat with her about all things denim.

When we sat down with Alba, the first thing we wanted to know was why she wanted to do the line with DL1961. "I wear a lot of denim," the star confessed. "I’m a Cali girl, we love our denim. Anything that has to do with denim. It’s just so easy and versatile."

She went on to explain how eco-friendly DL is, which is one of the major aspects that drew her to the brand. "They own their own manufacturing," she explained. "On a lot of their styles and washes, they use up to 50 percent less water and one of the owners is an engineer and created a filtration system to make the water that goes back into the system very clean and filtered. So where it could be a pretty toxic, poisonous kind of process, they made it clean and they care about the planet, so I was on board."

After taking a look at the jeans themselves, it was obvious that no detail was spared in the quality or the design. The fabric is super soft and has just enough give that they're not going to cut off your circulation, but they’re also not going to stretch out, which are two major details Alba told us she took into careful consideration. When explaining what her goal for the line was, she told us she wanted the jeans to "hug your curves and hug your body in the right way and just be really flattering. The styles are all super flattering no matter what your body type is."

With '90s supermodels in mind as her inspiration, she really took into consideration the female body in her designs. "We have a lower-waisted version and then we also have the higher-waisted styles. And they’re not super high-waisted mom jeans, they’re sexy and good. And then the way that I positioned the pockets, they don’t make your booty look too big, they look just right. And I cinched in the thighs so it almost kind of gives you a lift in your tushy and cinches in your thighs. But yet they’re not uncomfortable."

The 18-piece collection launched in August and is available at, as well as retailers such as Revolve, Nordstrom, and Shopbop.

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