This weirdly might become the most-popular ugly holiday sweater of the year.

Amazon Cocaine Sweater
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There are two types of people in the world: those offended by Walmart's Cocaine Santa sweater and those excited to buy the lookalike on Amazon.

Walmart came under fire earlier this week for selling the ugly Christmas sweater, which features a snowman sitting in front of what looks like three lines of cocaine. Some argued that it could just be snow in the picture, especially since both are white and powdery. But the description did state that the sweater featured "Colombian snow." Yikes. Walmart received an overwhelming amount of negative reactions, which led to the decision to pull the crewneck from its shelves and issue an apology.

Some entrepreneurs decided to make the most of the controversial moment by selling their own versions of the Cocaine Santa sweater on Amazon. Turns out the risky business move is paying off, because it's now labeled as a #1 best-seller on Amazon's website. I guess there's a huge audience of shoppers who think the sweater is more funny than offensive. A few sizes are already starting to sell out and it has quickly earned a five-star rating.

"What else can be said," one purchaser asks in the review section. "It's the funniest, most amazing xmas sweater in the universe. Buy one." Another fan admitted he bought the sweater to lighten the mood at "a formal Christmas party."

This isn't the type of sweater I'd wear to a holiday celebration, but I could see how it could be quite the conversation starter.

Walmart's Cocaine Santa Sweater Knockoff on Amazon
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