Danyul Brown, who has dressed everyone from Paris Jackson to Bebe Rexha and Lottie Moss, weighs in on one of our biggest fashion dilemmas.
What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing
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Even if you're down for an adventurous fashion moment featuring Dua Lipa-like cutouts and thigh-high slits, not everyone is comfortable baring it all in sheer clothing. However, we do live in a time when revealing outfits aren't necessarily risqué — they can be fun and playful while promoting confidence without a promiscuous undertone. It really all comes down to knowing what to wear under sheer clothing, which can help make see-through pieces look and feel subtle, rather than over-the-top.

As internationally acclaimed celebrity stylist Danyul Brown says, with the right undergarments and base layers, sheer clothing can have a place in any wardrobe — even ones that lean more towards the modest side.

According to Brown, whose clientele includes Paris Jackson, John Legend, Bebe Rexha, Lottie Moss, and Joe Jonas, among others, what you wear under sheer clothing will depend on two things: the occasion you're dressing for and the type of sheer clothing you'll be styling for said occasion.

So for anyone wary of unabashed transparency, here's a quick guide to how to style sheer designs.

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What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing
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Under Sheer Tops

Typically, fitted tanks or lingerie (like a lacy bra or a sports bra) are the best choices for a see-through shirt.

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"The base garment [under sheer tops] really varies depending on the vibe we are going for and whether the top has much detail," Brown tells InStyle. If the top is detailed, Brown suggests sticking to basic undergarments — nude bras or tank tops — so the embellishment (think fringe, bows, or sequins) can have its moment. "If [the top is] simply sheer with no detailing, I like to create excitement and detail with using a bright colored undergarment."

What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing
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Under Sheer Bottoms

When styling see-through bottoms, Brown tells us that sophistication is key. High-waisted briefs are the stylist's go-to, as the undergarment ensures both your stomach and bottom areas are completely covered.

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Sheer bottoms can take your outfit to new levels so and so can wearing the right undergarments. 

What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing
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Under Sheer Dresses

When rocking a sheer dress, what you wear underneath depends on how much you want covered.

"Generally, a high-waisted brief is a common go-to," says Brown. This bottom choice ensures your lower half will be covered, but you'll still be teasing a decent amount of skin.

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For significantly more coverage, Brown also recommends opting for a mid-thigh bodysuit: "It's a great choice as it will create further excitement, [add] structure to the outfit, and is a more fashion focused choice."

Of course, if you're wondering what to wear up top, a bralette or even a simple cami will do the trick, too.

What to Wear Under Sheer Clothing
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What Not to Wear Under Sheer Clothing

At the end of the day, you can really wear whatever you'd like under your sheer garments. Fashion rules don't actually exist (clothes are clothes!), and as long as you feel comfortable and confident, our best advice is to just do you.

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However, Brown does recommend skipping thongs under sheer designs, save for vacation-ready beach outfits. "It highlights the bottom area and diverts the attention away from what could have been a great look," he tells us. Although, for some fashion lovers, showing off your body may be the overall goal, and in that case, we say go for it.

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