By Kim Duong (Text) and Steffi Lee (Market)
Updated: Jan 18, 2017 @ 5:46 pm
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Shop the look: 1. Frame belt, $170; 2. Babaton coat, $325 (originally $475); 3. Joseph trousers, $520; 4. Gucci loafers, $795; 5. Topshop sweater, $68; 6. Smith + Mara earrings, $150;

Flowers! Sunshine! Light jacket weather! Oh how we wish it were spring. But then there it is again: reality rearing its ugly little head in your life, screeching, “It’s still winter!” Sigh. Fine. If we can’t yet wear leg-baring ensembles (flirty skirts, floaty dresses—we’re not crying, you’re crying), then we’ll just have to make due with a spring-forward palette.

Take white on white, for example. The key to making this monochromatic look work is by playing with textures. Mix cozy wool with sleek leather, then add on a neutral coat with a waist-tie to reel in all that winter weather bitterness. How much longer until it’s spring? Asking for a friend here.