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We are all still reminiscing about Beyoncé's epic appearance at Coachella. I was lucky enough to witness it with my own eyes, and I'll never be the same. Don't get me wrong.

But having been at the music festival personally, I can confidently say that the biggest star-studded, most fashion-filled festivities actually took place off of Coachella grounds. If you want to spend time chilling by the pool with A-listers or rappers while surrounded by supermodels, a ticket to Revolve Festival is the only way to go.

At present, the FOMO-inducing celebration is invite-only. But if the e-tailer ever opened it's doors to the public, it could easily rival the weekend's main event. Revolve's Co-Founder Michael Mente and Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona told InStyle.com that people have "begged" and even offered money in exchange for a chance to experience the ritzy, glitzy party.

"People have offered us $1,000 to attend," Mente explains. "But for us, it’s just a celebration of our community—a celebration of our friends." The "community" they speak of includes some of the biggest influencers in the world, like Aimee Song (4.8 million followers) and Emily Ratajkowski (17.3 million followers).

"They love that all of their friends are there," Mente goes on to say. "Everyone sees each other at fashion weeks, but this is another opportunity for them to connect. And I think that’s special and something that we’re very protective of as well."

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Credit: Roger Kisby/Getty Images

But just because you don't have a couple million followers on Instagram like the big names, doesn't mean that your chances of living it up and drinking unlimited Ciroc at Revolve Festival are nonexistent. "This year, we expanded [the party] to [include] our customers," Gerona reveals. "Literally, one girl posted and tagged us in over 300 posts in one year. So we just knew that she had to come," Mente adds. And for the first time ever, Revolve hosted a contest where one lucky winner was able to bring a friend. Thousands of people slid into their DM's once word got out about the opportunity. And some super eager fans just hung out around the area hoping to meet someone who could get them in. It was like a club.

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So how exactly did an online store evolve into the most sought-after festival activation? It all started with one house back in 2013. "It was really just some of our friends," says Mente. "We thought we could build upon this and take it from a friend thing to a work thing." And that's exactly what they did. "The next year we invited six influencers," says Gerona. "And after that, it just kind of grew."

This year, Revolve Festival rented out an entire hotel, hosted 140 influencers, and set up the festival at an estate nestled on a few acres. There was even a surprise performance from Chance the Rapper.

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Credit: Roger Kisby/Getty Images

For the e-tailer, it's not all about being the biggest hashtag. Revolve Festival pays off in real revenue sales, too. "The Monday before Coachella, was bigger than cyber Monday for us," Mente reveals. "We refer to it as our Super Bowl," Gerona adds. Proof that dressing more than 450 influencers in Revolve items was well worth stretching the budget.