Our clothes are more than fabric on our bodies. What we wear becomes part of our lives in an emotional way. We all have a moment in time that’s marked by what we were wearing: our first job interview, first kiss, first bad haircut … Welcome to “What I Wore When,” a series that asks our favorite women what they were wearing during a memorable moment in her life. Today's account: designer Sarah Staudinger on what she wore to an important art event.

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What To Wear to An Art Party
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It’s really fun getting dressed up when you live in L.A. because I feel like there aren’t very many events here that you get to dress up for. It’s always very casual. If there is a dressy event, people tend to dress sexier, not necessarily fancier.

Each year at the MOCA gala, an artist is honored with a black-tie event. You get to walk around the museum and look at all the beautiful art that’s on display after hours. You have dinner, then you dance … it’s all amazing people and amazing artists. Last year, the event honored Ed Ruscha.

Because it’s a MOCA event, people bring out their more artistic style. It’s always really fun. I [wish] there are more events like that in L.A., where people feel free to dress up.

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I had nothing to wear for the event. I randomly found this vintage store and something inside told me to go in. The dress I found has no designer. It’s this beautiful silk organza, bright orange, completely color blocked dress with wild piping. It came with a belt—which I chose not to wear. Instead, I wore Céline portrait earrings; they have little faces on them. I wore my own shoes, lace sandals, but no one could see them.

What To Wear to An Art Party
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The dress has a very renaissance feel to it. It felt very artsy. Everyone else at the party was in black (including my date, my mother, who arrived in a vintage Thierry Mugler), so it was fun and felt different to be bright. I got so many compliments and felt very special. I wore a floral embroidered clutch that I got in Mexico on a recent shoot for my brand, Staud. It was so random with the outfit but it worked at the same time.

What I wore impacted my experience that night 100 percent. I think that happens every day … it’s the way that I relate days to each other.