Enough cozy selfies to get you out of your indoor style rut.

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In the first week of self-isolation as a fashion editor, I shopped a lot. I was defenseless against the unprecedented scope of sales hitting my inbox, and I was at the exact point between seasons where I’d feel the urge to update my closet anyway. So I shopped. In the second week of self-isolating as a fashion editor, I wore everything in my comfy-clothes drawer. I cycled through sweats, pajamas, workout clothes, and mismatched linen pieces to keep my wardrobe on its toes. And in the third week of self-isolating as a fashion editor, I hit a rut.

If getting dressed in the morning is something that means more to you than becoming un-naked for the day, like it does for me, assembling an outfit that’s unlikely to ever have an audience can be akin to an identity crisis. I dress for me, but of course I dress for others as well. And I live to see how others have dressed for those around them. It’s the ever-evolving, open-source conversation that we call “style,” and when we install barricades — like government-issues urges to stay inside — that synergy slows to a halt.

In lieu of my morning commute on the A/C train or a dinner date in Chinatown or the ever-flowing stream of content from my self-determined bubble on Instagram from which I pluck my dressing ideas, I turned to another trusted source for inspiration: my colleagues.

Who better to reignite my desire to wear things I love to wear than a group of experts from a leading national media company, and how better to do it than demand they send me selfies? To my delight, they most certainly delivered. And, because everyone is so damn helpful (love you guys), they also produced links for where to buy their looks. They might very well send me back to my week-one shopping-cart heights, but they’ve most certainly helped me crawl out of my rut.

Alyssa Hardy, Senior News Editor

WFH Selfie With Cool Slippers
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I usually love to pull looks together, but during quarantine I’ve really leaned into the idea that my jewelry is the only thing that I will maintain. I love these fun earrings by SVNR because they allow me to play a little bit. Outside of that it’s been comfy but clean clothes every day. This Starcow Paris t-shirt is my husband’s that I shrunk accidentally so now it’s mine (and my favorite), the trackpants are my airplane look so I feel ok in them, and of course, cozy Ugg slippers.

Katie McDonald, Food Ecommerce Writer

WFH Selfie Katie MacDonald
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Status: It's been about three weeks of social distancing and about three weeks of not wearing pants. Instead, I’m living in my Spanx leggings, which have a super high, extremely comfy waistband, and boxy, breathable tees since my landlord insists on keeping our radiators on full blast. A positive to staying in 24/7 is that I’m getting to spend lots of quality time with my cat, Boudin. He’s sporting a collar from the ASPCA.

Laura Reilly, Ecommerce Editor

WFH Selfie Laura Reilly
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I took a Webex meeting while wearing this set just this morning, only to have my boss comment that “of course I’d be wearing a button-down to work from home.” Wrong. Little did she know that I was wearing the softest cotton PJs set by Lake. Usually, I’m more of a sweater-and-yoga shorts-around-the-house girl, but this old-timey set makes me feel like Shirley Temple if she grew up to be Carrie Bradshaw and freelanced a lot from home. The Nisolo slides only support that case.

Samantha Sutton, Fashion Editor

WFH Selfie Sam Sutton
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Admittedly, I’m not the type of person who is good at self-motivating — if I start my work day in pajamas, I’ll probably stay that way until 10 p.m., when it’s time to put on a new pair before bed. My one rule during quarantine has been to style my loungewear as if it’s a full look. Whatever pairing I land on must match or somewhat go together (even if that means black track pants and a black sweater), which is why I’m loving this shorts and pullover set I ordered from Lou & Grey. Not only does it fit my criteria, it’s super cozy, and the neon color perks me right up. For this photo — taken in front of my current office, a.k.a. couch — I paired it with some red lipstick, which makes me feel a little more me during an uncertain, scary, and very strange time.

Summer Cartwright, Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

WFH Selfie Summer Cartwright
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I’ve tried to keep from wearing my grimy sweats during the day and have opted for clothes that look better, but feel just as good as my pjs. This top from Free People is flowy and warm, as stylish with my Outdoor Voices pants as it is with my nicest pair of jeans.

Laura Gurfein, Ecommerce Editor

WFH Selfie Laura Gurfein
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Even in full-time WFH mode, I get some variation of “dressed” before logging on to my work computer for the day to take my dog out. (If it’s cold enough, Nugget gets dressed, too.) Today, I decided to pretend that life was sort of normal and put on Everlane jeans rather than leggings or track pants. I have five similar pairs of the brand’s high-waisted denim in three different sizes to create different looks, and I like to put on the biggest pair when I’m tired of sweats but don’t really need something fitted because I’m sitting on my couch all day. And I even put on a real bra! Lively makes the kind of bras you don’t want to rip off after a few hours.

Jessica Mattern, Amazon Editor

WFH Selfie Jessica Mattern
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My new outfit formula, which consists of workout leggings, a tank, and a chunky sweater, keeps me warm in my drafty apartment and makes it easy for me to squeeze in some stretching and gentle yoga throughout the day (self-care is so important right now). I recently discovered that wearing shoes around my apartment helps me to feel a bit more put-together and productive, hence the K-Swiss sneakers. Don’t worry, fellow germaphobes! I cleaned them with Lysol disinfecting wipes before making them my new, official “around-the-house” shoes.

Christina Butan, Amazon Writer

WFH Selfie Christina Butan
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My go-to WFH fit has been this Skims Cotton Rib Tank and a trusty pair of Lululemon’s Align leggings. When I ordered a few things from the Skims Cotton collection, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting a lot, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The tank top isn’t only very comfy, but super flattering, and I always feel good wearing it. As for the Lululemon leggings, if you know anything about the brand’s Align pants, you know that they’re the best of the best. So buttery soft, you won’t believe they’re not butter.

Honorary mentions have to go to my Skims Cotton Triangle Bralette, which is the only bra I’ve been wearing if I need to put one on, and my Skims Cotton Rib Boxers, which will change your life if you hate most women’s underwear.

Isabel Jones, News Writer

WFH Selfie Blue PJs
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I’m the type of person who changes into pajamas the minute she arrives home, so no, I have not worn anything but an endless rotation of PJs and stretched-out yoga pants in the last three weeks. I have a few different items from Nordstrom’s Moonlight Pajamas collection and I will certainly be buying more — everything is so soft and cozy, and I love the classic designs.

Claudia Fisher, Ecommerce Digital Deputy Director

WFH Selfie Claudia Fisher
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I’ve been putting on some of my favorite workout clothes every day in the hope that I’ll just fall into some quick at-home workout videos. I’d say it has a 50 percent success rate, but that’s better than the 0 it would be if I stayed in my pajamas all day. I used to be a little self-conscious wearing this Outdoor Voices onesie in public (because, who do I think I am? Definitely not a #fitspo influencer), but now it just helps me feel super efficient working and doing chores around the apartment, like a sexy ninja. Is that weird? I’ve been creating a lot of narratives in my head with all this newfound free time…

Kylie Gilbert, Lifestyle Editor

WFH Selfie
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I know, jeans during quarantine — what am I trying to prove?! But as it turns out, putting on real pants is a game-changer for my productivity. This pair from Madewell isn’t as high-waisted and constricting as some of my other denim, so I’m not sacrificing much in the comfort department. Paired with this cozy & Other Stories cardigan in a fun spring color, it’s the perfect low-effort WFH outfit when I want to look just a tad pulled together for a Zoom meeting.

Christie Calucchia, Lifestyle Ecommerce Writer

WFH Selfie Christie Calucchia
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I’d love to tell you that I’ve been zipping up jeans and fastening on a real bra while working from home, but most days my outfit looks more like this: a slouchy t-shirt, stretchy pants, and slippers. This relaxed cropped tee is from Richer Poorer, a brand that also happens to make my favorite comfy intimates like these boxers and this bralette. I paired it with my Spanx shorts, which transition seamlessly to an after-work workout in the living room. Finally, these hotel-like slippers from Allswell keep my feet cozy and truly go with everything I own (or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself).

Alex Warner, Celebrity Ecommerce Writer

WFH Selfie Alex Warner
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Working from home has made me rethink a lot of things: One, I might not like applying makeup as much as I thought I did; two, I might toss my contacts and wear glasses full time; and three, I might be okay with wearing a groutfit, but only if it’s in the form of my Outdoor Voices set. I’ve basically been living in the fog-gray CloudKnit sweatshirt and sweatpants since day one of quarantine. Why? Because it literally feels like I’m wrapped up in a super soft blanket all day. The fabric is lightweight, stretchy, and extremely soft to touch, and I love that both the sweatshirt and sweatpants feel roomy, but not oversized, because I’m constantly moving positions all day. Let’s just say, I have a drawer full of other loungewear options, but I always end up working from my couch (and bed and kitchen counter) in my Outdoor Voices pieces.

Stephanie Perry, Branded Content Editor

WFH Selfie Stephanie Perry
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When it comes to working from home, comfort trumps style nine times out of 10 — but I still like to stay away from feeling too sloppy. I swear by my Outdoor Voices Cloud Knit sweatpants, which are essentially pajama bottoms in disguise. They’re incredibly soft, comfortable, and surprisingly warm despite feeling lightweight. I usually pair them with a sweater or this cropped tie-dye hoodie. The on-trend tie-dye makes me feel like I put in a bit more effort than just throwing on my old college sweatshirt without, of course, compromising comfort — sensing a theme here? Bonus: It’s currently on sale.

Justine Del Gaudio, Senior Video Producer

WFH Selfie Black Headband
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As someone who battles anxiety on a regular basis, I knew that when working from home and social distancing began, I had to be active about finding ways to calm my anxious mind. For me, developing and sticking to routines (be it for work or my own self-care) has been really critical for me in that process. During the work week, sticking to an abridged version of my morning routine has helped me feel more productive throughout the day. Sure, it isn’t exactly the same routine — currently, I am wearing only a cream blush and tinted lip balm in case I have a video call during the day, relying on headbands to keep my hair looking sleek, throwing on simple hoop earrings to help pull the look together, sticking to neutral tops, and wearing the most comfortable leggings of all time — but it is giving me a sense of consistency every day, which has been a blessing during this time.