Models Are Wearing Vests Completely Wrong (and Here's Why You Should, Too)

It's a shest!

Models Are Wearing Vests Completely Wrong (and Here’s Why You Should, Too)
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Something weird has been happening in the fashion world over the past few years: top models, such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, have seemingly managed to turn basic, unexpected wardrobe staples into cool, sexy must-haves. First, it was cardigans, with undone buttons and belly-baring cropped options. Then, oversized 'work' pants became a thing, styled with bralettes and even corset tops. Now, it seems this crowd is all about vests, and instead of wearing them in the traditional, preppy kind of way — over a tee, button-down, or sweater — they've gone a whole other route, transforming this piece into the shirt of the summer.

Shests — as in shirt-vests — were first on our radar this time last year, when we began noticing celebrities and influencers skipping a bottom layer and wearing their vests solo. But leaving the house was rare back then, and when we did get out, we didn't dare ditch our sweatpants, so the styling trick had little time to thrive. Thankfully, though, it refused to go away completely. After spotting Jenner wearing her structured vest as a top, we knew shests had somehow managed to stick around. Good news, since the days of fun fashion are starting to return.

Models Are Wearing Vests Completely Wrong (and Here’s Why You Should, Too)
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The key to pulling off the look is easy: all you you need is a vest of your choice to pair with your go-to bottom. If you're into the light academia vibe, wear your pick with khakis or a plaid skirt. And since summer knitwear is also going strong, you can even coordinate your sweater vest with a matching pair of shorts.

Of course, you don't have to overthink this trend. As models like Hadid have proven, vests look pretty great when styled in a minimalist way, paired with jeans or solid pants.

Models Are Wearing Vests Completely Wrong (and Here’s Why You Should, Too)
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Shests are clearly the hot trend right now, and are surely cool enough for the season's rising temperature. But this piece is a good investment as well. Once the fall rolls around, you'll be able to go back to wearing these babies the old fashioned, layered way — so essentially, it's a staple that pulls double duty, allowing for twice the outfit options.

It's time to shop a shest for yourself.

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