Why You Should Always Wear Pre-Loved Clothing During Venus Retrograde

Here's what to dig out of the back of your closet or purchase from your favorite vintage shop, according to your zodiac sign.

Why You Should Always Wear Pre-Loved Clothing During Venus Retrograde
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Venus retrograde, which occurs from December 19 to January 29, is mostly known as a time when exes and former lovers come back into our world (eek). But here's another (slightly less stressful!) fact: it's also a wonderful opportunity to upcycle and recycle clothing, as well as wear vintage fashion.

To sum things up, retrogrades are moments in which we look back and revisit, revise, and reassess. Additionally, it's a time to interweave the past and present together. Given that Venus, the planet of beauty and clothing, is slowing down this month, what better way to use this vibe to its maximum capacity than by wearing pre-loved pieces? Whether that means shopping for vintage items or digging out the stuff in the back of your closet, opting to wear old clothes shows us, in the simplest of ways, that it's wonderful to love and pay homage to the past.

Plus, considering plenty of '80s, '90s, and early '00s styles are currently resurfacing, it's an easy way to embrace 2022's top trends.

There's also the fact that wearing pre-loved clothing is good for the environment, and if you're hoping to shop less in the new year, will perfectly align with those goals. At the same time, the decision will prove to be plentiful for your soul over these 40 days and 40 nights. You'll find some amazing items that have already lasted a lifetime, and might even feel inspired by previous decades' elegance and sophistication.

Ahead, take a look at pre-loved items that are perfect for your zodiac sign.

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What to Wear or Buy: A old school rock-inspired tee, such as something from the Hard Rock Cafe.

Being a fire sign means that Aries are born to rock and roll, so the perfect pick is a fun vintage tee to match that attitude. Depending on location, they might not be able to visit a Hard Rock Cafe in person, but they can still remember the restaurant and wear its flair with pride on their chests.


What to Wear or Buy: Vintage earrings.

Tauruses love luxury items, particularly those that have a story to go with them. A pair of vintage earrings will soon become the Bull's favorite accessory to wear on a date night, dress up a work outfit, or even wear around the house when they're feeling fancy.


What to Wear or Buy: A fanny pack.

Geminis always have a lot on their minds and plates, which can sometimes lead to them being forgetful. Therefore, they will adore a throwback fanny pack that holds all the essentials and lets them move around from appointment to appointment with ease. It'll allow this sign to skip the stress of having to remember to grab all the things (keys, wallet, phone, purse) before heading out the door.


What to Wear or Buy: A cozy pair of winter boots.

A pair of rain boots will keep Cancer's pinchers (AKA feet) nice and toasty during the upcoming winter months, not to mention protect them from outside elements — which they usually crawl away from due to being born during the onset of summer.

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What to Wear or Buy: A glam winter coat.

A shaggy, '70s-inspired coat will allow Leos to let their regal 'golden fleece' shine in the coming months. Not only will they enjoy showing off their thrifted find on social media, they'll likely wear it to all their social events and feel extra cool having it on their body.


What to Wear or Buy: A white lace top.

Virgos gravitate toward simpler pieces that can be worn with other items in their wardrobe. Considering they prefer to mix and match items, Virgo will totally fall in love with something classic, such as a white lace top, which transcends time and decades. It's possible this piece will even become their new favorite.


What to Wear or Buy: Patchwork or embellished jeans.

Instead of your tried and true blues, Libras might enjoy something that tells a story, such as a pair that features patchwork. It will give the air sign something to share every time they pull on these pants, and they'll appreciate the artistry that went into making them.


What to Wear or Buy: An elaborate LBD.

A chic, gothic-inspired dress falls right in line with what Scorpios have always dreamed of and longed for. Complete with a plunging neckline, a tight fit, and a bit of bling, an elaborate design is a definite must-have for the water sign to have in their wardrobe. They'll never want to wear anything else for fancy occasions or seasonal parties.

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What to Wear or Buy: A retro dress.

Sagittarius is known to have an adventurous side and an open mind, which is why they'll fawn over a psychedelic print dress. A mod option will draw them in and take the archer back in time to the '60s — a period that was full of life and free spirits.


What to Wear or Buy: A shiny or bright pair of pants.

The sea-goat usually opts for clothes that they can wear both in the boardroom and at happy hour, so a colorful, shiny pair of pants are the perfect go-to. Depending on what kind of top they wear, it'll be easy to dress a cool, disco-y bottom up or down for a variety of events and occasions.


What to Wear or Buy: A bold, beaded necklace.

The water bearer is known to have an eclectic and unique fashion sense, which is why they are considered to be trendsetters and style makers. It's all the more reason for them to wear statement jewels during this time, such as a large, vintage beaded necklace, adding a bit more pizazz to all of their outfits.


What to Wear or Buy: An old band T-shirt.

Being that Jupiter and Neptune — both of whom rule the planet Pisces — enjoy singing, can't resist a good tune, and find joy in busting a move on the dance floor, it will serve the water sign well to wear a vintage concert tee from their favorite artist or band.

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