FOUND: The Perfect Pair of White Jeans for Spring

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I am not a “jeans” person, per se. Having gone to a school where jeans were only allowed to be worn on Fridays, to me, I typically associate denim with a certain sense of casualness that I don’t reserve for the workplace.

But when you work in fashion, or any creative industry for that matter, you get away with a little more, like wearing a “chic” sweatshirt, or “fancy sneakers.” And when it’s raining out, or I’m utterly exhausted, sometimes I sneak into my closet and throw on a good pair of jeans. Call me crazy.

Two types of denim I do feel comfortable wearing to work frequently include the black jean (an easy piece to find) and the white jean (near impossible). The white jean. The highly divisive white jeans. Should the pockets show or not? Should they be tight or loose? Can you wear them during the winter? So, so many questions.

For me, what makes a jean great is whether it’s comfortable enough to make you feel great all day. For years I’d squeeze myself into tight skinny jeans (because they were “in style”). Every time I sat down, I’d feel crappy. I could feel my skin roll over the top, or need to undo them after lunch. It was simply not necessary. And white jeans? Those were the hardest to find. Try a pair that’s tight and you see EVERYTHING. Find a pair that’s loose and they don’t necessarily achieve the same crisp effect.

On a Thursday evening, I headed over to a New York hotel to interview the iconic Linda Rodin on the launch of her then-new fragrance. Rodin, who is possibly the most elegant woman in the tristate area, greeted me with her beloved dog, wearing the most perfect pair of white jeans. When I asked her where they were from, she gave me the worst possible answer: vintage. Therefore, not available to copy.


During a casual spring shopping excursion, I spotted a pair of white jeans that looked almost identical to Rodin’s in the window of the Vince store near my apartment. There are about 325 reasons that I love Vince, the biggest one being that, simply, their clothes feel good on my body. I had never tried on the brand’s jeans, but given their likeness to good ol' Linda’s, I felt they could be the perfect whites I’d been looking for.

Vince’s High-Rise Utility Crop ($275;, which are only truly cropped if you’re tall, have tailored slip pockets which make the pants feel a bit more elevated than your typical jeans. For this pant in particular, the brand offers to distinct washes: The white (which is my favorite) and the dark resin (which is added to my shopping list for when my tax return comes in). But what really makes this jean a gem is the exact same thing that made me fall in love with Rodin’s: the twisted side seam, which elongates and slims the leg … not to mention is just a really cool detail.

And by the way, although by far my favorites, these are not the only amazing jeans that Vince has right now in stores. See their full range on Happy shopping.

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