Wait, So 'This' Is How Everyone Is Styling Vests Now?

This one specific outfit is suddenly all over Instagram.

Wait, So *This* Is How Everyone Is Styling Sweater Vests Now?
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We know, we know — fashion continues to be a confusing word in 2021. A year ago, we never would have thought our aesthetic would soon be summed up with the phrase 'comfort over everything,' and that most of our big purchases have to do with butt-boosting leggings or pairs of chunky socks. However, even though we spend more time at home than anywhere else, new trends have still managed to pop up. We've seen the return of 2011, the rise of statement belts, and even vests — both sweater and puffer — have weaseled their way on our Instagram feed.

Speaking of vests, we've noticed there's also a brand new way to style 'em: With a pair of leather pants. Just like the popular schoolcore trend that convinced us to wear pleated skirts with sweatshirts, this outfit combination is suddenly everywhere, begging to be copied ASAP.

Sleek and Simple

The best part about this look is that it's easy enough to put together, but at the same time, comes across as something special and fashion-forward because of all those layers. In other words, don't overthink it. A basic sweater vest styled over a black top and with leather pants will be more than enough. Then, complete the look with any type of footwear, whether it's boots or loafers.

With a Print

Finding a vest that features an eye-catching color or print, instead of one that's solid and neutral, is an easy way to add fun and flair to your outfit.

Over a Button-Down

If you want to add an elevated, polished twist to your vest and leather pants combination, throw on a white button-down. A pair of sneakers will then help to keep your outfit from feeling too formal.

Over a Tee

Since the vest and the leather pants are both 'special' items — AKA a step up from everyday staples like jeans and sweatshirts — a plain white tee will balance things out and give your ensemble a casual vibe.

Styled With Statement Pieces

Of course, nothing is stopping you from going all out, either. More is more in this case, so if you really want to take things up a notch, don't hold back with accessories. Throw on a bold hat, layer necklaces, and opt for platform boots.

Cool and Cropped

If you aren't the type to follow the crowd, ensure your outfit is different by experimenting with size, crops, and proportion. Work in your personal style by experimenting with puff sleeves, cropped pants, texture, prints.

Swapped Out for Other Vest Styles

Of course, leather pants look great with other types of vests, too. Change it up by going with a puffer or something structured depending on your plans.

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