9 Ugg Outfits That Prove Those Boots and Slides Are Way More Versatile Than You Thought

They're the key to looking good — while feeling cozy! — all winter long.

Move over, flip flop stans. Sweater weather is in full effect, which can only mean one thing: 'tis the season for all things Uggs to shine, and we're here for it. Passionately.

Ugg Outfits
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Between its signature shoes, heavenly house slippers, snuggly apparel, and warmth-enhancing accessories, Ugg has secured itself as a label people know, love, and covet. Even celebrities enjoy wearing Ugg boot outfits, making the most of the brand's surprisingly versatile, neutral designs. Sure, many still associate those iconic brown pairs with a simple jeans-and-an-oversized-sweater look, but who says you can't wear Uggs with a dress? Or tailored trousers?

To provide you with ample Ugg boot outfit inspiration, highlighting everyone's favorite fall through spring shoe, we've rounded up some influencer-approved examples below.

With Jeans

Basic, cliché — call it what you want, but jeans and Uggs go together like oversized sweaters and knee-high boots. The look is a classic winter pairing, but don't limit yourself to skinny jeans tucked into the shoe. Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut, and even flared fits would also pair well with the brand's signature boot.

With Leggings

While jeans might be an (all-too) obvious pairing for Ugg boots — you might even gravitate towards your favorite denim bottoms like a reflex — don't count out leggings. A faux leather pair can add a sleek or tough contrast to the fluffy boots, while a yoga-style legging can round out a comfy aesthetic.

As Contrast to an All-Denim Outfit

Break up all that stiff denim blue with a pop of brown (and forget that fictional fashion rule that this combo is a major faux pas).

With a Skirt or Dress

To anyone who says formal wear should only be worn with formal footwear, we're challenging that. You can look elevated and be cozy at the same time; the key to making this untraditional pairing look complimentary lies in color-coding. As long as the boots blend with something on your person, your aesthetic will be copacetic.

As a Pretty Pop

If you weren't aware, Ugg footwear does come in shades beyond brown, and those vibrant options can serve as a much-needed pop of color during the dreary winter months. However, even a chestnut pair can break up an all-black, monochromatic outfit and make a statement.

With Athletic Wear

This combination might be out of the ordinary, but it's actually pretty genius (plus, isn't athleisure up to interpretation?). This Ugg boot outfit idea especially helpful if your workout leaves you winded and your feet exhausted. The furry lining will give your sore soles a bit of cushion for the commute home.

For a Cute OOO Look

If winter weather conditions haven't hit your neck of the woods yet (or you're one of those people who wears flip flops year-round), an outfit consisting of trousers and Ugg slides probably speaks to you. It's the off-duty look we all deserve: professional up top, pleasantly plush on the bottom. Looking for extra warmth? Add a blazer to complete the look.

With a Sweatsuit

Almost as classic as jeans, sweats and Uggs is also a timeless pairing. If you find yourself needing to run an errand or two, make the look a little less lounge-y by throwing a trench or open duster coat over top and a dark pair of sunnies to emphasize your mood.

To Complete Your Pajamas

Ugg slippers are like a fuzzy swaddle for your feet. Wear them with your favorite pajamas, robe, and if you have to leave the house, well, they'll do.

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