"It’s like I have a closet on tap."

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Tyra Banks Target 2019
Credit: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Tyra Banks may have retired from modeling years ago, but she isn't slowing down. She recently added teaching at Harvard and creating the first model-themed amusement park to her ever-growing list of accomplishments. And in the midst of her jam-packed schedule, she managed to find time to attend the celebration of Target's 20th Anniversary Collection on September 5. (I mean, who doesn't love a good New York Fashion Week party?)

During the fashion-forward celebration (where guests were able to shop the highly-anticipated collaborations) we got a chance to catch up with Miss Banks. She spilled the tea on some major Modelland updates, revealed her most prized piece of clothing, shared her affordable secret to transforming any bedroom into a five-star hotel, and even gave us the scoop on her impressive wig closet, which holds all of her glorious extensions. Sounds like heaven to me. Perhaps she'll invite me over for a tour soon. Until then, I've got all of the details in the interview below.

So we're celebrating 20 years of Target. Which one of the designer collaborations is your favorite?

I remember being a very young model and hearing Isaac Mizrahi. And I was like, "Oh my god this super-hot designer is doing this thing with Target." I mean he wasn’t the first one, but he was one of THE firsts. And I’m hosting with him tonight and I was telling him, "you are like a trailblazer." Now designers are clamoring and probably begging and knocking on Mr. Target’s — well, there’s no such thing as Mr. Target. Let’s say Mrs. Target’s door.

What's the one thing you always buy from Target?

I was just telling everyone the sheets, honey. The Essentials brand. They feel like a thousand-dollar, five-star hotel’s sheets. And they are not paying me to say this. The sheets feel like silk mixed with cotton, but they’re only like $18, girl.

I love changing my hair all of the time and you have the best collection of wigs. Do you have a wig closet?

I have all of the above. It’s like I have a closet on tap. I just bought a 1987 Jheri curl wig, so I’m trying to figure out how to wear that. I [also] just bought a cropped one that’s very 1920s. I buy them on Crenshaw in Los Angeles. It’s like saying I bought them on 125thstreet for New Yorkers. So yes, I have a collection in the closet that's on tap. And then I have them in boxes — like a beautiful hat box. It says blonde, honey brown, and dark. And whatever I’m feeling, I just grab that. I also keep them in baggies and just write the style of the wig on the baggy.

I’m sure your clothing collection is just as envious. What’s the most prized possession in your closet?

Well, he’s not with us anymore. But many years ago, everybody used to do Mr. Azzedine Alaïa's show for clothes. We loved him so much, and we wanted the clothes because the clothes were worth so much more than what they would pay us anyway. There was a big, thick, fluffy green turtleneck that’s probably as big as you and me combined. And I still have it to this day. It's in my closet next to my wigs, girl.

And what can you tell us about Modelland?

Modelland is a construction site right now. We have broke ground and we are building walls. We are having auditions right now because we are doing a graphic novel. So we have narrowed it down to about 80 finalists who are coming to the casting in two weeks and they are going to meet me. Even if they don’t get the final top role they are going to have some type of connection. I want to make sure everybody feels special. It's happening for the masses, baby!