The Coolest (and Surprisingly Easy) Tank Top Hacks We Learned From TikTok

These quick tutorials will help you reinvent what you already own.

TikTok Tank Hacks

If you're a fashion lover, chances are you're a risk taker and remain on the lookout for new, innovative ways to experiment with style. Thankfully, for summer 2021, there's no shortage of adventurous looks to try, whether it's embracing the throwback silhouettes from the Y2K resurgence, reaching for retro floral prints, or slipping on colorful bubble rings.

You might notice that so much of what's trending now has been pioneered by Gen Z, and one way the generation keeps up with the latest and greatest in fashion is by spending hours scrolling through TikTok. Brilliant content creators combine entertainment with advice, whether they're showing off hauls from various brands or sharing brilliant styling tips — including hacks for how to reinvent the clothes we may already own.

If you're looking for a few ways to revamp your already-full closet, there have been plenty of TikTok videos as of late that focus on cool tank top tricks. All you need is a basic design — even an old cami will do! — and the ability to follow simple directions, which will help you twist and turn your tank into something that looks and feels brand new.

We reached out to Kristina Kacheeva (@kristinakacheeva), a TikTok tank top hack queen who has amassed a following of over 200K followers on the plaform (and whose hack videos get upwards of 50K views or more!), and asked her to share her four of her favorite tank top tricks worth trying this summer.

Move the Straps Around

Depending on how you style your tank straps, you'll be able to transform this simple piece into four unique looks. Move one strap to the side, criss cross them in front, or tuck one or both straps into your bra for something that's both sexy and eye-catching.

Create a Crop Top

Start by putting you tank top on, then take one arm out. Holding onto the loose strap, pull it over and then under the bottom of the piece, all way through. Then, put the strap back on. The result will be a 'ruched' crop top look.

Wear Your Tank as a Skirt

It's easier than you might think. All you need to do is criss cross the straps, then slip it on like you would your average, curve-hugging mini. The straps around your waist will also create that trendy "criss cross tie" look, similar to the visible thong trend we're seeing with the rise of butt fashion.

Show Off Your Back

You'll need a chain belt or some sort of tie (even an old shoelace!) to nail this look. Without even putting the top on, pull the belt or string through the straps of your tank top, so that it almost looks as if the item is hanging on a clothesline. Then, slip your head through the opening on top, letting the tank lay flat on your body. From there, pull the ends of the belt/string underneath your arms toward the front, before slipping them through tank top's armholes so that they're now hanging down on inside of the piece. Grab the end of the belt/string from the bottom of the tank, pull both sides toward the back, and fasten or tie in back. Now, you're good to go!

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