12 Sweater Weather Outfits That Look So Freakin' Cozy

It's time to cuddle up in your best chunky knit.

Sweater Outfits
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If we're being completely honest, part of us has been waiting for the air to be crisp enough to break out our oversized knits. After all, do you realize how many cute outfits you can create with a single sweater? Let’s just say, the limit does not exist. From elevated, to playful, to sporty, this year we’re planning to get creative with one of trustiest pieces in our closet.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with the classic denim and knee-high boot pairing, but with the right accessories and footwear, a variety of bottoms, and layering different coats and jackets, there’s a sweater outfit for every occasion. To prove it, we’ve rounded up some inspiration from Instagram to shed new light on the timeless look.

Belt It

Oversized sweaters can be tamed, so if you prefer a more shapely look, secure a belt around your torso. This will accentuate or create an hourglass figure. For bottoms, reach for something more form fitting. Skinny jeans will enhance your body’s natural shape, while bootcuts will hug your thighs and hips, flaring out to give your body even more curvature.

With Jeans

It’s the easy outfit we daydream about on a particularly chilly day: a simple sweater and jeans combo. This look never goes out of style because it’s made up of basic, foundational fall wardrobe staples. Curate a look that’s all your own by playing with statement accessories, like bold handbags and headbands, and experimenting with the season’s best trends (slouchy boots are having a moment).

Layered Under Overalls

Though some may consider it a summer garment (especially when styled with a crop top or tank), overalls are actually seasonless. Throw a pair over a sweaters for a quick style solution. You can dress up the look with strappy heels or ankle booties, and even experiment with outerwear (everything from a leather jacket to tailored blazer is fair game). If you want to keep things casual, go for a sneaker and maybe even leave one of the straps undone.

With a Skirts

Bulky sweaters and form-fitting skirts are complementary. Tuck the chunky top into the front of the skirt, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different hem lengths. Embrace the bare leg while it’s still kind of warm, then introduce tights when temperatures cool down. As for footwear, the shorter the skirt, the higher the boot, while anything knee-length and longer will look best with ankle booties, flats, Mary Janes, or sneakers.

In Neon Colors

Missing summer already? Pay homage to last season by keeping some of its color palette in your rotation. Among a sea of burgundy, olive, and earth tones, you’re sure to make a statement with a pop of neon. To really bring the bold hue into focus, pair the vibrant sweater with muted pieces, like dark denim and leather skirts, and accessorize with minimalist jewelry.

As a Dress

Sweater weather means never having to sacrifice style for comfort — especially since your favorite comfy top also comes in dress form. How you style a sweater dress depends on the occasion and really comes down to the little extras. If your dress is a neutral color, you can utilize a brightly colored shoe, bold patterned tight, or chunky jewelry as your statement piece. Short sweater dresses can be layered over skinny jeans for a relaxed, slightly throwback look, and you can even add a chain belt to a more form-fitting options.

Showing Some Shoulder

Warm-weather months seem to have a monopoly over off-the-shoulder tops. But, if you love to show off your skin, good news: you can still rock it for fall and winter. Off-the-shoulder sweaters are cozy, cool, and go with everything — jeans, skirts, or as a layering piece.

With Leggings

Leggings are the happy medium between cozy, athletic, and, if expertly styled, elevated. For example, a long or oversized sweater with high-waisted leggings and chunky socks is the ultimate off-duty look. But faux-leather leggings can make your sweater seem fancy, or provide an eye-catching contrast to items with feminine details, like ruffles.

Over a Button-Down

Prep school chic isn’t all plaid skirts and loafers. Channel your inner Gossip Girl by layering a crew or v-neck sweater over a crisp button down. Fold or pop your collar, and make sure the arms of your shirt are long enough so that they peek out at the wrists.

With Dress Pants

Whether you’re heading back to the office, or just want variety in your sweater outfits, try swapping out jeans and leggings for dress pants. They're professional yet still fairly comfortable (especially if you go for something loose), and come in all different styles, materials, and colors. Balance our cropped, turtle, or cowl neck sweaters with high-waisted dress pants, or tuck long or chunky sweaters into capri or ankle lengths. As for shoes, go with what you like. White sneakers and heels will both completely the look, or you can skip footwear altogether and go barefoot around the house.


Another sweater outfit that's perfect for the transitioning weather is going with a tank top version (or even a shest). It's worth it to invest in a few of your favorite colors for the season, as they can be worn by themselves or layered with heavy cardigans, blanket scarves, and outerwear.

With Sweatpants

For the days spent chilling on the coach, sweaters and sweatpants are a match made in loungewear heaven. Snuggle into your favorite sweater and ditch your jeans in favor of baggy joggers. Mix and match colors for a cozy, eccentric fashion statement.

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