8 Cute Super Bowl Outfits to Wear for 2023's Big Game

We asked stylists to weigh in with suggestions ahead of Sunday's celebrations — and they definitely delivered.

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On Sunday, February 12th, the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Philidelphia Eagles for Super Bowl LVII. And as avid football fans and sports loathers alike gather in bars and living rooms across America, — be it for the game, the greasy food, Rihanna's halftime show, or funny commercials — before things begin, there's the process of picking out what to wear. Super Bowl outfits are a thing, and unless you already own tons of team gear, coming up with ideas can feel somewhat tricky.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to your Super Bowl look. If your team isn't playing, you could choose a side and plan around their color palette (or, if you're bitter, stay neutral). Non-NFL fans — aka those just coming for the company and snacks — have it the easy; with no strings attached (save for a friendly wager or two), you can wear pretty much anything and everything as your Super Bowl party outfit — loungewear, denim, funky prints, or a dress. It's all fair game.

Still, if you want tips on how to score a touchdown of a Super Bowl outfit, we've got you covered. Below, fashion experts weigh in with their secrets to styling a winning ensemble for the big game.

Comfort is Key

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Celebrity stylist, Mickey Freeman tells InStyle that when picking out your Super Bowl outfit, there are two key pillars to keep top of mind: comfort and individuality. To check off the cozy box, Freeman suggests classic pieces with an interesting twist. Think bomber or varsity jackets with vintage team T-shirts, a loose pair of cargo pants, and a pair of sneakers.

Try Denim on Denim

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Canadian tuxedo, anyone? "Denim on denim will be a hit [for Super Bowl 2023]," Freeman assures us. The stylist suggests a denim long-sleeve button-up shirt or jacket paired with a jean bottom. You can then spice up the look with cowboy boots or even a chunky-soled option.

Stick to a Scheme

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Football teams come with a set color scheme — in this case, dark green, silver, and black/charcoal versus red and gold — so use that to your advantage when putting together your Super Bowl outfit. While you can nail the combo by rocking different pieces, Freeman envisions a head-to-toe printed look "comprised of sumptuous-looking silks and synthetic fabrics that flow across the body creating a relaxed silhouette."

Think Athleisure

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NY-based fashion stylist Melina Kemph describes herself as "all things sports-obsessed" and claims the Super Bowl is essentially her Golden Globes.

"I'm watching the game as closely as the commercials and halftime performance(s)," she says, explaining that, because of this, her outfit must be as comfortable as it is colorful, with sneakers being her starting point. "The rest of the look is all about my favorite lived-in pieces...distressed 501 [jeans from Levi's], one of Holly Jovenall's cozy vintage T-shirts, my favorite upcycled Proche Studios woolen jacket, and my take on a baseball hat, because #sports."

Wear What's In Your Wardrobe

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Consider this a friendly PSA from celebrity stylist Madison Guest to you: you don't need to buy a brand-new outfit for your Super Bowl party, especially if you don't actually care about the sport.

"I usually choose to root for whatever team goes better with my existing wardrobe," Guest tells InStyle. For instance, if you're rooting for the Eagles, slip on something green or wear a design that includes a faux feather trim. Guest also admits she's a sucker for a monochromatic sweatsuit "a la Hailey Bieber," so if you have a red option tucked away in your closet, break it out for the Super Bowl in honor of the Kansas City Chiefs. "It's perfectly comfortable yet feels of the moment."

Go With a Graphic Tee

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Celebrity stylist, Soneca GuadaraI considers herself a "traditionalist" when it comes to her Super Bowl outfit. "I like to dress up like I am attending an actual football game," she says. "It's all about showing off my sense of style but also letting everyone know I am a football fan!"

Her go-to fit? A graphic tee that either represents one of the competing teams, her favorite team regardless of who's playing, or anything Super Bowl-related, like a T-shirt that says something like "Game On!"

"I will either pair [my T-shirt] with some cute leggings or cropped, ripped jeans and a pair of slip-on sneakers for added comfort," says Guadara. "Not only will I look stylish but I'll feel cozy and comfortable, especially eating all those Super Bowl snacks!"

Stay Comfy in a Sweater Dress

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According to Maddison Chirumbolo, Express's women's styling coordinator, for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and look stylish, a sweater dress will be your MVP. Chirumbolo suggests adding a wool-blend coat, knee-high boots, and super soft accessories to elevate the look. Of course, she adds, you'll want to swap in your team's beanie and gloves "for a fun fit."

Sport Some DIY

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If nothing in your closet is standing out as-is, Emma Trask, who has worked with Carrie Underwood and is the owner of The Chrysalis Lab, suggests exploring your artistic side by upcycling a vintage tee or jersey.

"I typically add interesting trim and rhinestone bling detailing to enhance the graphics, with fringe and cutouts completely transforming the tee," she tells InStyle. You can also crop an oversized jersey or tee, Trask adds, pairing it with baggy jeans or pants and accessories that match the team colors.

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