8 Fall 2022 Trends That Fashion Stylists Are Excited About

Even as you embrace spring weather, these looks are worth keeping in mind and experimenting with now.

Stylists Weigh in On Their Favorite Fall 2022 Trends
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Even though spring hasn't even officially sprung, recent fall 2022 fashion shows have left us daydreaming of colorful leaves and all things cozy. But judging from this year's runway presentations, the best fall trends of 2022 are determined to make comfort cool again by way of bold colors, statement embellishments, and oversized accessories. So while we're obviously psyched to piece together some adorable spring outfits over the next few months, it's never too early to start gathering inspo for our autumn wardrobes, right?

But here's the thing about runway shows and designer collections: If you're not well versed in high fashion, identifying an upcoming season's hottest trends can be tricky. The key is to keep in mind that designers are presenting their artistic vision on the catwalk, says Yasmin Moinian, a stylist with Wishi. "I like to take different pieces of what I like [from the runway] and translate them into something 'real people' can wear," Moiniantells InStyle. This involves first taking into consideration your personal style, silhouette, and what's already in your wardrobe. From there, Moiniansays you can think about how to incorporate pieces from the runway.

"Never underestimate the power of adding new trends with your go-to straight-leg jean," Moinian says. "Over-the-top pieces, like exaggerated sleeves, bold colors, elaborate details, can be tamed back just by coordinating with neutrals and wardrobe staples. It's really about keeping true to your personality, that way you are comfortable and will always exude confidence."

By now, we all know seasonal staples like knee-high boots, sweater dresses, blanket scarves, and all things plaid are expected to be on rotation come late September, but there are plenty of looks and pieces beyond our tried and true essentials to experiment with. To prove it, we asked stylists to dish on the fall 2022 fashion trends they're excited about, below.

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Contrasting Layers

Fendi Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Obviously, layering isn't a new concept for fall, but rather than piece together items that look cohesive, NYC-based sustainable fashion designer and founder of ARRA, Christine Arra tells InStyle she can't wait to blend different textiles, like we saw at Fendi and Miu Miu. Think sheers mixed with opaque fabrics, knitwear layered on top of knitwear, and strong shoulders.

"I love the softness and drape of layered knits worn with the contrast of beautifully tailored broad jackets. The proportions of multiple-length tops with below-the-knee skirts or micro-minis are exciting and new!"

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Pops of Pink

Valentino Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Out of all the collections, it was Maison Valentino's monochromatic pink showing at Paris Fashion Week that caught celebrity stylist, Mickey Freeman's eye. "It was such a game-changing indicator that the age-old seasonal restraints are in dire need to be broken," he tells InStyle.

Freeman is forecasting the pink trend to be incorporated into streetwear and more formal looks "as a way to juxtapose the darker colorways that are synonymous with autumn and winter." Expect pink to pop up in everyday accessories, shoes, jewelry, and monochromatic or dichromatic looks highlighting the vibrant hue. "[The outfit] should tell a story, reflect your mood, and evoke one's imagination," Freeman says. "I can totally see women ditching their little black dress for a pink one."

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Power Suits

Elie Saab Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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The pandemic made comfort a priority in all aspects of life, and that didn't change with the return to the office. A seamless transition from comfy loungewear, power suits —like the ones seen at Elie Saab and Stella McCartney — strike the perfect balance of professionalism and comfort. They come in a range of bright colors, can be worn tailored or oversized and boxy, and it's because of this versatility that style consultant and personal-fashion-stylist Soneca Guadara says the power suit is on her list of go-to trends this autumn.

Fashion stylist at ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting, Beverly Osemwenkhae is also looking forward to oversize suiting, but with a menswear influence.

"This is a trend I'm really excited about because it brings back the excitement of what it feels like to get dressed up again," says Osemwenkhae. "You can expect this button-up trend to be met off the runway with a little sportswear, drop-waist trousers paired with a sneaker reminding us how comfort still plays a role post-pandemic."

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Statement Headwear

David Koma Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Retro fashion trends are re-emerging in 2022, and the fun continues into fall when statement headwear is forecasted to be everywhere. The trend is reminiscent of the 1920s, which, according to stylist Kara Allen, is one of the most fabulous eras of our recent history. Whether you're in favor of hats (think buckets and beanies), hair jewelry (think barrettes and headbands), or the bejeweled cap from David Koma, Allen tells InStyle the trend is especially perfect for those with short hair.

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Maximalist Prints

Ulla Johnson Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Mixed prints, animal prints, monochromatic print outfits — according to Allen, the motto for fall 2022 is the bolder the pattern, the better. Prime examples include Stella McCartney's collection as well as Ulla Johnson's designs.

"Prints give me so much life, they tell a story about where you've been, where you're going, and how much fun you had while you were there," Allen tells us of her excitement for the booming trend. "Live your best life and leave everyone wanting to know your secrets. However, be careful of the print wearing you — larger scales print can be overpowering, especially for my petite fashionistas."

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Knitwear Everywhere

LaQuan Smith Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Granted, knits for fall are like florals for spring — not groundbreaking nor a new concept. However, according to fashion stylist, Tiffany Piñero, the knitwear of 2022 is unlike anything you've seen before. They're here, she says, and they're ready to party.

"Probably one of the key takeaways from pandemic living is that people got rid of a lot of forced fuss, and traded restriction and uneasiness in their garments for those that felt more like the hug we all needed at the time. The fashionable hug intersects with fall/ winter utility and gives us one of the most wearable trends from the shows," Piñero tells InStyle, bringing LaQuan Smith's collection to mind, which even include cutout pants. "Some knits were structured while others were looser, and some were styled dramatically in a monochromatic manner. Because this trend is so approachable, I can certainly see this being a look anyone can try and feel confident in the coming season."

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Leather on Leather

Poster Girl Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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Ditch your Canadian tuxedo; leather on leather, like looks from TK, is here as an alternative to denim on denim.

"Many [designer] collections had a handful of great leather pieces [on the runway this season], but it was the ones that made living la vida leather a full-on mood that turned heads," notes Piñero. "The leather trench has returned to top off the leather dress or wear over leather pants with your leather over the knee boots and perhaps finish things off with your leather gloves. This is trend is a statement that those who need to feel a rush from their wardrobe will truly appreciate."

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So Many Sequins

Prabal Gurung Fall 2022 Runway - Best Fashion Trends
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All that's glitzy is most certainly gold for fall 2022, since sequins made quite a statement on the Prabal Gurung and Christian Cowan runways this past Fashion Month. "They're not just for nights at the club anymore," declares Wishi stylist, Caroline Marchand. "I imagine sequin midi skirts worn with chunky knit sweaters and knee-high boots or with jeans and sneakers under a blazer. There are a million ways to dress [sequins] down and I'm eager to see how the fashion leaders do that!"

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