9 Staycation Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like You're Actually On Vacation

It's time to break out those printed shirts and shell necklaces — even if your big trip this year consists of going from the bed to the couch.

VISIT FLORIDA: Celebrity Staycation Looks
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If the global coronavirus pandemic put a major wrench in your travel plans, here’s a silver lining: sometimes, the best vacation days are the ones spent close to home. You can just as easily nurse your travel bug by exploring parts of your neighborhood you haven’t ventured into yet, ordering takeout from restaurants you haven’t tried before, and booking an Airbnb in the next town over (or sleeping in the living room for a change of scenery). It's also worth browsing celebrity staycation outfits as inspiration for what to wear when you’re OOO.

Granted, “staycation” is indicative of time spent staying put, but just because you aren’t chilling on a beach in Florida or jet setting to another country doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you're doing just that. Celebrate your much-need time off (take that PTO!) with outfits that, first and foremost, make you feel good. If that means dolling up for a socially distanced night out (or in!), awesome. If that means vegging out on the couch in your comfiest sweats, even better!

How and where you choose to spend your staycation is up to you, but just in case you’re curious, here are a few celeb-inspired looks to narrow down your outfit choices and help you escape — even if it's just in your mind.

A Sexy Date Night Outfit

Staycation Outfits
Hailey Bieber. Gotham/GC Images

Date nights, like days off, look a little different than they used to given the current state of the world. But even if your romantic evening translates to eating out of takeout containers, what better way to spice things up a bit than with a sexy date-night outfit? Of course, what you consider “sexy” is subject to you and your partner’s tastes, so if that means breaking out your favorite LBD with strappy heels like Hailey Bieber, go for it! If that means a tank top and sweats, great! Do you.

Tie Dye From Head to Toe

Staycation Outfits
Irina Shayk. Raymond Hall/GC Images

Incorporating pops of color into your wardrobe will liven up your style, but vibrant hues might also boost your mood. Tie-dye has been popping up all over Hollywood, with starlets like Irina Shayk, Hailey Bieber, JLo, Stella Maxwell, and even Jennifer Aniston embracing the trend. From T-shirts and sweatpants, to matching sets and face masks, psychedelic color patterns are a great way to hold onto summer and warmer weather, even as the temperature dips into the the teens.

Tropical Prints to Channel Island Vibes

Staycation Outfits
Bella Hadid. Gotham/GC Images

As long as the CDC travel restrictions are still in place, you probably won’t be sunbathing under dreamy Florida palm trees anytime soon. But you know what they say: if you can’t join them, wear them (...or something along those lines). Tropical prints (think vibrant green leaves, passion flowers, and exotic birds) can help manifest the kind of euphoric mood exclusive to vacation. Complete the look with white pants a la Bella Hadid, and accessorize with sunglasses and a floppy hat if you plan on soaking up some rays on your balcony or patio.

Bucket Hats

Staycation Outfits
Emily Ratajkowski. Gotham/GC Images

Whether it’s because they’re feeling nostalgic for simpler times or they're finding inspiration from our favorite old school dads, celebs like Emily Ratajkowski love a bucket hat (also known as the fisherman hat). Truly embrace the overall pops vibe with a dad-on-vacation shirt, or pay homage to the ‘90s throwback in aZoe Kravitz-approved way: with dark sunnies and a chunky belt.

Leggings and White Sneakers

Staycation Outfits
Skai Jackson. Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

The key to packing lightly on an actual trip is choosing a few staples that can be mixed and matched with other, more fashion-forward pieces. A pair of basic black leggings and white sneakers, for example, go with everything, whether you're wearing a graphic tee under a denim jacket, a belted sweater, or a blazers. You don't need to travel to embrace this quick trick.

Comfortable Footwear

Staycation Outfits
Joan Smalls. Jared Siskin/WireImage

Whether your staycation itinerary involves exploring a city, hiking trails, or walking from the couch to the fridge, comfortable footwear is a must. Go for something you can easily slip on at a moment’s notice, like Joan Smalls’ UGG boots (photographed above) or sneakers, like these classic Vans slip-ons.

Graphic Tees and Sweatshirts

Staycation Outfits
Dua Lipa. Robert Kamau/GC Images

Dua Lipa’s street style look mirrors a beach-goer's favorite vacation styling move. If the weather forecast is a little unpredictable, throw on a graphic tee and drape a sweatshirt over your shoulders in lieu of a jacket. This way if it’s warm, you can keep your outfit as-is, but if temperatures start to drop, you're covered.

An Easy T-shirt Dress

Staycation Outfits
Kelly Rowland. P & P/MEGA/GC Images

Getting dressed is optional to begin with when you’re on vacation, but it’s especially to your discretion if your destination looks a lot like your apartment. If you’re picking up food or meeting up with a friend for a socially distant visit, throw on aT-shirt dress for a done-in-one look that requires minimal effort. Plus, if the weather forecast calls for chilly temps, you can easily add a pair of tights, and layer with a jacket and scarf.

Layered Necklaces

Staycation Outfits
Lucy Hale. BG028/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Having trouble choosing between a long golden chain and dainty choker? Wear both! One major celeb staycation trend is layered necklaces, so don’t be afraid to stack your accessories. Play around with different length, metal, and color combinations, and if you really want to channel a beachy vibe, add shell and beaded options to your collection.

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