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5 Prints You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring
Credit: Getty Images/InStyle

With cherry blossoms blooming, the number of vaccinations rising, and the sun setting later and later in the evening, spring fashion is at its prime. And, when we say at its prime, we mean we're finally ready to wear real, eye-catching outfits, complete with non-flat shoes and a whole bunch of accessories, re-embracing styling tricks that were once lost during our time at home.

With the world feeling more excited to get dressed up, a handful of hot prints are also making a comeback. Florals have been revamped, zebra has become the new neutral, and tie-dye is still going strong. So, if you're in the mood to amp up those outfits, check out the full list of what to wear, ahead.

Zebra Print

Perhaps it's because it's been around for ages, but there's just something about zebra print that's so classic and effortlessly chic. Upgrade your ensemble by adding a touch of zebra to your look, whether it's with a stylish pair of boots or a sleek slip, both of which are guaranteed to pop and liven up your look.


Blame it on The Queen's Gambit, but in recent months, fashion girls have been proclaiming 'checkmate' with their outfits. Your eyes may deceive you, though — it's not gingham, houndstooth, or even plaid that's worth reaching for. Check print is very specific, consisting of just two colors and resembling an actual checkerboard. The good news is, it's an easy one to find. Check print comes in many easy-to-wear forms, from $50 slip-on sneakers to two-piece satin sets.


Marble feels like the down-to-earth, more contemporary younger cousin of tie-dye, and this print has a certain versatility that many others do not. Depending on the piece, marble can look both modern and provide some nostalgia, meaning it'll suit a variety of aesthetics, whether your go-to is a pair of baggy trousers or a backless halter dress.

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Speaking of tie-dye, it's very much still a thing. Even though life is beginning to look more normal, there's nothing quite like pulling on your comfiest tie-dye sweatsuit, which qualifies as a pre-made outfit that helps us look put-together. This season, you can definitely mix it up by slowly adding in tighter, strappy, or cropped pieces, creating show stopping 'fits' that are still as comfy as ever.

Kitschy Florals

This print reads '60s hippie vibes with a modern twist. The flowers in this particular version are usually much larger than normal and accompanied by even louder colors. If the trend seems too in-your-face, try styling it in a more subtle way, pairing the florals with muted colors to help tone it down.