7 Spring Jacket Trends to Wear When It's Not Too Warm But Not Too Cold

Stylists weigh in on what to wear during the transitional season.

spring jacket trends 2023

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Once our weather apps regularly show forecasted temperatures above 50 degrees, it's time to shed those bulky puffers in favor of lighter layers. Unfortunately, warm weather is a fickle friend this time of year; short-sleeved afternoons are often sandwiched between chilly mornings and evenings, and the sudden drop in degrees demands some source of warmth. Luckily, there's a happy medium between winter's overcoats and the free-flowing, barely-there kimonos of summer: the spring jackets category.

If you think about it, spring jackets are autumn jackets, just with a brighter color palette. The outerwear most commonly seen during this transitional season include light-wash denim jackets and camel-colored trench coats, shackets, blazers, bombers, and various cuts of leather. They're easy to throw on, are fashionable and functional (the best picks will fight off any lingering chill), and can be styled in a myriad of ways.

While we'll always have our go-to staples, it’s natural that 2023 will come with its own set of spring jacket trends. Ready for more? Here are the spring jacket trends you might want to check out.

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Spring Jacket Trends
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These days, anything that covers your shoulders and has a button or a zipper can be considered outerwear, and that includes a favorite item of clothing, the blazer. Christina and Teresa reveal they're seeing various cuts of blazers pop up, including (but not limited to) boyfriend styles, cropped variations, and even sleeveless versions of the officewear staple. They're lightweight, adaptable, and can fit into any season that approaches.

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Trench Coats

Spring Jacket Trends
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While trench coats of years past focused on minimalism and earth tones, fashion stylist and CEO of Abby Young Styling, Abby Young, tells InStyle “an array of vibrant colors and fun textures” will be all the rage when it comes to 2023's spring jacket trends.

Stylist at Wardrobe Apparel Sarah Sommer also can’t wait to style her favorite trench this season, as she’s convinced the jacket “automatically elevates any look.” When it comes to styling the piece for 2023, specifically, Sommer says she’ll be pairing the classic coat with the season’s most popular trends. 

“I can’t wait to style it over a catsuit with some white sneakers, a cap, and an oversized tote bag for that effortless, yet right-on-trend look. Or to go for a more romantic vibe by pairing the trench with a sheer spring dress, some strappy heels, and a small shoulder bag.”

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Spring Jacket Trends

If you thought the sheer clothing trend was exclusive to dresses, tops, and bottoms, think again. Conroy tells InStyle semi-sheer coats are great options as "they achieve the perfect balance between subtle sexiness and practicality," the stylist says, adding that the return is "ever so sweet."

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Denim Jackets

Spring Jacket Trends

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In conversation with InStyle, NY-based celebrity stylist, Soneca Guadara says one thing she loves about the denim jacket is it’s both classic and trendy, all at the same time. That, and it’s as versatile as it is a transitional piece that can take you from the tail end of winter into spring, seamlessly.

“[Denim] gives more of a laid-back feel and looks than a tailored jacket/coat,” Guadara tells us. “I'll wear it with almost everything, from high-waisted pants to a dress and jeans. I love how it helps define a woman's shape. Plus, it’s suitcase-friendly, so easy to toss in your carry-on.”

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Waist-Length Cuts

Spring Jacket Trends

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Keeping with the theme of lightening your load, short jackets are making a comeback this year, though according to Young, this time around, they’re not quite short enough to be considered “cropped.” Rather, waist-length is the new cropped (and that’s at the very least).

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Opt for Maximal Over Minimal

Spring Jacket Trends

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For her last spring jacket tip, Young is calling out the maximalism trend for 2023.

“Valentino's most recent Spring/Summer collection showed us that sleek, tasteful maximalism is in, with their debut of multiple sequin-embellished designs in bold colors like teal, red, and violet,” she tells InStyle. “If you're having a hard time parting with your neutral shades, I recommend opting for a jacket in a more eye-catching color, like this light green oversized cardigan from The Row.”

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Tweed Fabric

Spring Jacket Trends

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ICYDK, tweed is everywhere right now and wardrobe stylist Grace Thomas predicts the preppy fabric will become even more popular as we head into the warmer season.

“As someone who has always gravitated toward classic styles, I love the cuts we are seeing in tweed jackets this season. Sandro, Self Portrait, and Veronica Beard are all great brands to look towards for this style. I'll be opting for lighter colors, like this white version from Sandro. Pair a tweed structured coat with jeans and sneakers for a chic daytime look, which is how you'll see me wearing this style of jacket.”

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