6 Standout Styling Tricks to Try This Spring

Whether your budget is Dior or Zara, here are runway-approved ways to give your wardrobe a refresh.

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Sure, we love looking at all the stuff that makes its way down the runway during Fashion Week, but when purchasing designer items, our bank accounts warn us that we should be choosy. Not to worry, though: If you're unwilling to sacrifice paychecks in the name of fashion, spring 2020's best collections can still provide much-needed outfit inspiration. Even the most basic staples can suddenly seem new with the help of a few key styling tricks.

Whether you're shopping at luxury brands or hitting up Zara, you can pull lessons from the best shows of the season. Here are seven ideas to consider before getting dressed tomorrow morning, courtesy of the spring shows we're still thinking about.

1. Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten
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Made in collaboration with Christian Lacroix, the spring 2020 collection featured a ton of elaborate details such as ruffles and colorful graphics. However, the main takeaway for us? Balance out statement-making styles with trusty basics, whether it's a sweatshirt, a button-down, or a pair of (platform) flip-flops.

2. Christian Dior

Christian Dior
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Going utilitarian is nothing new, but at Dior, the addition of romantic maxi skirts and eye-catching accessories gave things a fresh new twist. Pull on a straw hat or wrap a braided belt around your suit in order to make things less formal and predictable.

3. Michael Kors Collection

Michael Kors
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Sure, they've been around for ages, but preppy plaids and polka-dots are having a moment yet again. The good news is, printed jumpsuits and dresses are perfect for creating one-and-done outfits that are both on-trend and easy. Then, you can jazz up your look with little extras, like socks and chain-link necklaces, according to your personal taste.

4. Valentino

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When it comes to adding color your wardrobe, why not go the neon route? Bright, bold pieces are are surefire way to ensure your outfit stands out in a crowd — even if it's just adding a small pop with shoes or accessories — and will help you master other must-try trends, like color blocking or going monochromatic.

5. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs
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This season, we're headed back to the '70s, so don't be surprised if you start seeing an increase in flares and corduroy material. You can give these throwback staples a flashy, 2020 spin by working sequins and floral embellishments into your look, or dare to add a floppy hat to top it all off.

6. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana
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Even if your schedule provides little room for rest and relaxation, dressing like you're on vacation is strongly encouraged. Break out the animal prints and island motifs, say yes to crocheted tops and dresses, and definitely don't shy away from this season's khaki trend.

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