An $88 Shirt and More Splurge-Worthy Items That Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Splurge Items
Photo: Edward Opi / Splash News

Celebrities definitely love their over-the-top fashions. Some items are ridiculously flashy, but once in a while, our favorite style stars come across some amazing finds that literally take over the entire Internet.

We're talking about the must-have pieces that are worthy of outfit repeats—think the it bag of the season or the statement making boots that will easily rack up compliments. Usually, celebrities do everything in their power to avoid wearing the same looks as other stars. But every once in awhile a splurge-worthy item comes around, and it's so good that many stars don't even care about the risk of having a twinning moment.

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If you've been thinking about making an investment in yourself (and your closet) this season, look no further. We've rounded up the big-ticket fashions that celebrities are currently obsessed with below.

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Niki Over-the-Knee Boots

Celebs Wearing Saint Laurent Niki Over-the-Knee Crystal Boots
Getty Images, badgirlriri/Instagram

These rhinestone-covered boots have been all over our Instagram timelines. Rihanna was first spotted wearing them last March. A few months later, style-queen Celine Dion hit the streets of Paris in the over-the-top boots. And Cardi B made her way across the VMA stage in the $10,000 shoes this past August. Once that KiraKira app blew up (you know the one that makes everything sparkle), bloggers were all over these splurge-worthy boots, too.

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Zander Tee

Celebrities Wearing n:philanthropy Tee
Getty, Andreas Branch/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

This item is definitely much more affordable, but it's still a splurge considering it's a ripped T-shirt. Fancy basics are the easiest way to score a celebrity-approved look without asking the bank for a loan. This one comes in a few variations. Zoe Saldana likes the Zander Tee, Gal Gadot and Alessandra Ambrosio are fans of the Harlow Distressed BFF Tee, and Ashley Graham highlights her midriff in the Zander Tee, too.

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Judith Leiber x Alexander Wang Bag

Celebs Carry Judith Leiber x Alexander Wang Bag
kimkardashian/Instagram, Splash News, Getty

This bag looks like a stack of $100 bills, and you'll need several real ones to cop the $4,995 minaudière. Kim Kardashian showed off the flashy clutch on her Instagram story, Rihanna carried it as a wallet inside a clear tote, and Beyoncé strutted down the red carpet carrying the Swarovski-covered purse.

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