It’s lightweight, slimming, and panty line-proof.

By Braelyn Wood
Nov 28, 2020 @ 7:20 am
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spanx turtleneck thong bodysuit
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A black turtleneck can go one of two ways; a Parisian waiting on the platform for the last train before the metro closes at midnight, or Steve Jobs. There is no in between. So while I’d like to imagine myself as the woman holding a baguette by the Seine, most of the turtleneck tops in my closet are better suited to a garage in Palo Alto — all except one, that is. 

My beloved Spanx bodysuit manages to do what no other turtleneck can: It crosses the barrier from Elizabeth Holmes to Élisabeth (said trendy Parisian) for a classic yet modern ensemble. Whether I wear it with a pair of celebrity-approved Levi’s jeans or a faux leather skirt, the bodysuit somehow manages to give off the sense that I have my life completely pulled together. 

Perhaps it seems irrational to an outsider, but that’s the beauty of pulling on this bodysuit for the first time. It’s a living, breathing contradiction; lightweight but never see-through, supportive yet not constricting, modest but body-hugging. Neither its second-skin construction nor mock neck cut feel suffocating, and the finished look is remarkably chic.

And despite spending the past six months exclusively in activewear or loungewear, I still find the bodysuit ridiculously comfortable. Hell, I’ll wear it while working from home — which was exclusively a pajama fête before this one-piece arrived — or while reading a novel in the park cuddled up with my pup.

To be clear, it’s not just my fantasies of Paris that make this wardrobe staple from Spanx a standout. It also checks all the boxes for a good bodysuit. The thong cut guarantees I don’t have to struggle with pesky panty lines, while the snap closure makes  quick visits to the restroom a breeze. Plus, there’s a lined gusset, so I don’t feel bad skipping undergarments to reduce my laundry load.

While I’m personally a fan of the all-black getup — I do live in New York City — I’m happy to report that the sleek suit also comes in white for those seeking out the perfect monochromatic look for winter. Regardless of the color needed to round out your wardrobe, there’s never been a better time to shop for this turtleneck suit. That’s because the style is currently 20 percent off in Spanx’s Black Friday sale, along with the brand’s customer-loved faux leather leggings and Oprah’s favorite work pants.

Shop the turtleneck bodysuit that will replace all your other bodysuits, below.

Spanx Suit Yourself Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Bodysuit

spanx turtleneck thong bodysuit
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $71 (Originally $88);